Susan Lance

I am certain the excellent preparation I had at Ashland helped me achieve a high score on my veterinary entrance exam and complete my veterinary education.  It was clear that some of my classmates had gotten into veterinary school almost entirely based on memorization, and, when we entered our clinical rotations, they had a difficult time applying the information they had learned earlier.  By emphasizing synthesis and understanding of material, Ashland prepared me well for this endeavor.

Why did you choose Ashland University for your pre-professional program?
Ashland College (then) had a great pre-vet program with a strong record of getting students into veterinary school.  I also got a great financial aid package.  It was close to home, which allowed me to keep my horse!

Where did you complete your graduate program?
Ohio State University - DVM and Ph.D.

How did your pre-professional program help prepare you for your graduate program?
Instead of just memorizing, my education at Ashland encouraged synthesis and understanding.  This was really important in the later stages of veterinary school when we were required to apply all of the information we’d learned earlier.

What did you like most about your pre-professional program (certain classes, research, faculty, etc.)?  
I loved Dr. Meredith (now retired) and all of his classes. 

How did Ashland University help you when searching for and applying to graduate schools?
The faculty was very helpful in assisting me with my application; the faculty provided strong recommendations, which really helped!

What type of work are you doing in your current position?
Currently, I am the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Liaison to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  I investigate and respond to outbreaks caused by FDA-regulated foods.

Were you involved in research as an undergrad at Ashland? If so, what kind, and how did it prepare you for graduate school and for your career?
 I worked at Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster on my independent study’s project my last semester. This work introduced me to the importance of epidemiology in food animal veterinary practice. This discovery led me to get a Ph.D. following my veterinary degree.  Without that experience I likely would have spent my career in clinical practice.

How satisfied are you with your overall pre-professional program experience at Ashland University?
I had great pre-professional preparation at Ashland!

What would you tell a prospective or current student about the pre-professional programs at Ashland University?
It’s important to stay focused and work hard; seek assistance if you’re struggling, the sooner, the better.  Strive to be a good learner; education is a tool you apply to everything.