Guiding Questions for the Core

Core Guiding Questions



Guiding core question: What speaking and listening skills are required to communicate complex ideas?


Composition Core Guiding Question:  What does it mean to write clearly, logically, and creatively at a university level? How does writing convey intellectual rigor and contextual understanding?



Guiding core question: What does it mean to think with reason, or to arrive at a valid deductive conclusion?


Religion Core Guiding Question: How do religious commitments shape our lives and our world?



Aesthetics Core Guiding Question: How can we make meaningful distinctions regarding the quality and nature of aesthetic expression and beauty, through active practice in the arts, and/or through the study of artistic creations and their context?



Humanities Core Guiding Question:  What does it mean to be a human being? What does it mean to lose one’s humanity?


Natural Sciences                                                                                                                        

Natural Science Core Guiding Questions:  How is the scientific method used to improve our understanding of the natural world?  How does one distinguish between scientific and unscientific claims and weigh the validity of competing hypotheses?  What are the impacts of science on society?  How has our understanding of the natural world changed through time?


Social Sciences                                                                                                                            

Social Science Core Guiding Question: How do we reason deeply about individual, political, or social behavior using the scientific method or theories and classic texts from economics, political science, psychology, or sociology?


Historical Reasoning                                                                                                              

Historical reasoning Core Guiding Question: How are primary sources used to understand the causes and consequences of change and persistence over time in a nation, country, or civilization?


 CCI [Critical Cultural Inquiry]                                                                                        

Critical Cultural inquiry Core Guiding Question: What does it mean to understand a culture other than one’s own?