Global Studies Track Requirements

The Global Studies Track offers students a varied and unique way to meet the Global Competency requirement. The key component of the track is a Border Crossings course.

In addition to Border Crossings course, students in the Global Studies Track must satisfy one of the following three options:

1. Take language courses in a language not previously studied (6 hours)


2. Fulfill the Global Studies Experience

3. Take a value-added language course (3 hours).

Also see Course with Study Away option

Correct placement for all options is crucial for Ashland University students’ academic success. Placement is determined by the number of years of high school study and two of the following three placement indicators: GPA, ACT and WebCape score.

Visit to learn more about the WebCape study and to participate. The FAQ page will answer all of your questions regarding placement. Remember that the password to take WebCape is actually “password”.   

About Global Passport Strategies

GPS LogoAs part of Ashland University’s Core Curriculum that prepares students to think with reason, act with the skills, and live with the values of a liberally educated person, students are required to meet a Global Competency requirement.

This requirement will provide all students with the experiences and skills they need to live and work as citizens aware of their global responsibilities.