Global Passport Strategies

At Ashland University, students are prepared to enter into a global society by the Global Passport Strategies are of the Core Curriculum.  One of three tracks of the GPS, the Modern Language Track by becoming proficient in one of the modern foreighn languages Ashland University offers.

Some institutions have 'only' language study or 'only' 1-2 study aborad options that do not count for anything. Ashland has a full menu of options to prepare you for globalization, including language or travel or coursework in your field.

Modern Language

Core Curriculum, Language track Study French, one of only 2 working Languages in the United Nations, or learn Spanish, the second-most studied language, and take part in a truly global conversation.

Global Studies

It's been said that you don't really understand a field or a topic until you understand its global scope or impact.  Learn about the impact of globalization and how to understand issues from a multi-national or global perspective. Core Curriculum, Cultural Inquiry Course

Study Abroad

Core Curriculum, Travel course The Study Abroad track provides a range of study-abroad opportunities, from semester-long stays to study-away programs, lasting just a few weeks or even for a spring break.

About Global Passport Strategies

GPS LogoAs part of Ashland University’s Core Curriculum that prepares students to think with reason, act with the skills, and live with the values of a liberally educated person, students are required to meet a Global Competency requirement.

This requirement will provide all students with the experiences and skills they need to live and work as citizens aware of their global responsibilities.