Division Directory

Catherine Williams Interim VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing 5387 112 Schar COE
Kayla Spade Department Assistant 5363 105 Schar COE
Graduate, Online and Adult Center for Academic Support
Catherine Williams Interim VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing/Director of Graduate, Online and Adult Center for Academic Support 5387 112 Schar COE
Molly Priest Academic Advisor 6433 105 Schar COE
Rachel Yocum Academic Advisor 5256 105 Schar COE
Office of Graduate, Online and Adult Admissions
Greg Stringer Director of Graduate, Online and Adult Admissions 6432 105 Schar COE
Allison Barnhart Senior Admissions Representative 6924 105 Schar COE
Natalie Cirincione Admissions Representative 6925 105 Schar COE
Michelle D'Ambrosio Senior Recruiter, College of Nursing & Health Science 5376 105 Schar COE
Laurie Jackson Senior Admissions Representative 6479 105 Schar COE
Rebecca Napoli Admissions Representative 6921 105 Schar COE
Enollment Services and Operations
Dottie Collura Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Operations 6473 206G Founders Hall
Angie Kessinger Graduate, Online and Adult Application Processor 5438 206E Founders Hall
Rose Martin Undergraduate Application and Information Processor 5061 206 Founders Hall
Kelly Krichbaum Undergraduate Application Processor 5610 206F Founders Hall
Cindi Sommerville International Application Processor 4911 206I Founders Hall
Marketing and Communications
Rhonda Pember Director of Marketing and Communications 5604 313 Patterson
Chad Draper Web Developer 6278 309 Patterson
Nicholas Fedorchak Graphic Designer 6787 309 Patterson
Tami Mosser Public Relations Coordinator 6282 305 Patterson
Joseph Gilliam Front-end Web Developer 6286 309 Patterson
Steve Hannan Communications Manager 5007 322 Patterson
Scott Miller Marketing and Communications Manager 5006 318 Patterson
Luann Motter Bindery and Offset Printing Operator 5755 Lower-Level Amstutz
Mike Ruhe Director of Graphic Design 5047 315 Patterson
Allison Waltz-Boebel University Photographer 5239 309 Patterson
Office of Admissions
Wray Blair Director of Admissions 5052 Gill Welcome Center
Jennifer Lindsay Assistant Director of Admissions 5975 Gill Welcome Center
Brook Turson Assistant Director of Admissions 5063 Gill Welcome Center
Cheryl Logan Associate Director of Admissions 5060 Gill Welcome Center
Sue Homan Senior Admissions Representative - Transfer 5383 Gill Welcome Center
Vacancy Admissions Representative 5055 Gill Welcome Center
Kylie Shober Admissions Representative 5058 Gill Welcome Center
Kyle Wissel Admissions Representative 5973 Gill Welcome Center
Tami Workman Guest Coordinator 5052 Gill Welcome Center 
Office of International Admissions
Troy Miller Interim Director of International Admissions 5971 Gill Welcome Center
Xue Tao Assistant Director of International Admissions 5056 Gill Welcome Center
Vanessa Toth International Admissions Representative 5742 Gill Welcome Center
Corporate Connections
Dan Lawson Associate VP of Corporate Connections 5244 236 Dauch COBE
Rachel O'Connor Corporate Connections Specialist 6749 235 Dauch COBE