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Corporate Partners Program

Company culture, employee benefits, retention, and training and development are all important parts of a business. We recognize that a lot of companies struggle with implementing and funding these types of initiatives. That’s why we created the Corporate Partners Program (CPP). With the CPP, employees have access to tuition discounts on any program AU offers, giving them the opportunity to invest in their future and grow within the company. The CPP tuition discounts extend to employees, their spouse, and dependents (as defined by the IRS), so working for you means more than just bringing home the bacon! 

Check out the tuition discounts listed below.  

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Our Corporate Partners agreements include a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Qualified employees, their spouse and dependent children (as defined by the IRS), who are enrolled full-time and billed the comprehensive rate for tuition are eligible to receive a $500 per term (fall and spring only) scholarship while pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • Qualified employees, their spouse and dependent children (as defined by the IRS) are eligible for a scholarship equal to 10% of tuition on graduate, post bachelors or undergraduate coursework when not billed the full-time comprehensive rate of tuition.
  • Corporate Match (undergraduate students only) – For students receiving the aforementioned 10% tuition scholarship, if the corporation pays for 10% or more of the undergraduate student’s tuition upfront, Ashland University will add an additional 10% matching scholarship. Under this option, the University will bill the corporation at the beginning of the term for their match. The corporation agrees to pay the match within 30 days of receipt of the bill.
  • The flexibility of taking online, virtual or in-class courses as well as earning your degree at your own pace and on your own time.
  • Business degree and non-business degree programs that integrate leadership training in an organizational setting.