Exit Counseling

What to do when no longer enrolled

Borrowers of Federal Student Loans who are no longer enrolled at least half-time at Ashland University must complete federally mandated exit counseling as soon as they cease enrollment. This is a federal regulation and applies to all students who have graduated, officially withdrawn, dropped below half-time enrollment, transferred to another institution, or simply ceased attendance at Ashland University. Students must complete exit counseling prior to graduation in order to receive their diploma.

Complete Federal Perkins Loan Exit Counseling

Perkins Loan Exit Counseling should be completed online at www.usaexit.com. Students with questions about Perkins Loan Exit Counseling should contact Tammy Repp in the Student Accounts Office at 419-289-5022 or trepp@ashland.edu.

Complete Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling:

  1. Have your FSAID ready (if you have an issue with your FSAID, go to fsaid.ed.gov and click on Edit My FSAID)
  2. Go to nslds.ed.gov and complete Exit Counseling.
  3. To learn who your loan servicer(s) is and how to contact them directly with repayment questions, follow the “Financial Aid Review” link at nslds.ed.gov.
  4. To view repayment plans, loan calculators, deferment and forgiveness options, go to studentloans.gov under “Managing Repayment.”
  5. To learn about loan consolidation, go to studentloans.gov under “Tools and Resources.”
  6. If you have further questions after completing your counseling session, please contact our office at 419.289.5002 and ask to speak to your Financial Aid Counselor.
  7. Ashland University is required as a part of Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling to inform you that the average loan indebtedness of an Ashland University graduate is $22,106 and the average monthly loan payment is $254. Listed below are additional sample total loan amounts and the approximate payment due each month on a ten-year Standard Repayment Plan at a 6.8% interest rate.
    Amount Borrowed Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid Total Principal & Interest Paid
    $5,000 $58 $1,905 $6,905
    $10,000 $115 $3,810 $13,810
    $15,000 $173 $5,714 $20,714
    $20,000 $230 $7,619 $27,619
    $30,000 $345 $11,429 $41,429
    $50,000 $575 $19,048 $69,048