The Value of an Education

Everyone recognizes that in today’s society, a college degree is a necessity for those hoping to get ahead in the world. In fact, statistics show that those with bachelor’s degrees can expect, on average, to make approximately $1 million more over a lifetime than those with high school degrees alone (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013).  The earning potential is even greater for those that earn a Master’s or Doctoral degree because they are positioned for advanced positions leading to higher salaries.

So keep in mind, that when you select a college or university, you are making an investment in your future. You are investing your skills, time, and financial resources at your institution of choice in order to have the opportunity to grow into the person you desire to become.  This investment should not be taken lightly because it’s one of the most important investments that you will make in your life.

For more than 135 years, Ashland University has been home to individuals striving for academic, professional and spiritual growth. Focused on rigorous academic pursuits, Ashland students develop critical thinking, leadership and professional skills. Rooted in faith and tradition with an unwavering commitment toward “accent on the individual,” Ashland University offers students an environment that promotes values and respect toward each person and their spirituality. The one-on-one relationships with faculty, the challenging academic programs and collective sense of community are a few of the reasons students cite for coming to, and staying at, Ashland University. And the fact that Ashland University is ranked in the Top Tier of colleges and universities in U.S. News and World Report’s National Universities category for 2017 shows we are doing this very well.

From nationally recognized scholars programs and innovative learning labs, to exceptional athletic programs, places of worship and award-winning dining facilities, Ashland University is designed to nurture all aspects of student development. A nationally ranked university with global impact, Ashland University has students calling Ashland "home" decades after graduation. The highly personal Ashland experience instills in students the discipline, confidence and values to not just succeed in the world, but to impact it in the most positive ways possible.

Ashland University truly believes in educating the whole person by providing unparalleled opportunities for students to learn, grow and find their place in the world.

Our rankings and graduate successes clearly illustrate that Ashland holds dear its commitment to serving the individual student and that an Ashland education is a proven investment in your future. We pride ourselves on providing students with an educational experience that offers internships and global experiences as well as the individual commitment necessary for them to stay competitive in a fast-paced world.

As you peruse our website, you will see several examples of how students become an integral part of this safe and supportive family of scholars and students. It is a place where community service, real world internships and more than 100 social organizations will help you become a leader. You will not become another cog in the wheel, or just a seat in the back of the large lecture hall -- at Ashland University, the accent is on you,

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