Ashland University Graduate Employed by Onlife Health

Heather Bumbalough, a Dietetics major and recent AU Grad, became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and is happily employed by Onlife Health; a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. Bumbalough serves as an Onsite Health Coach, traveling to different companies within Tennessee to work with employees one-on-one. Heather explains, “We go over employee results from their onsite biometric screening, discuss ways in which they can improve their health, and develop an action plan to meet their wellness goals.” Heather also coaches her clients in the following areas: nutrition, physical activity, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight management, stress management, and tobacco cessation.  Bumbalough enthusiastically describes, “I love working with people on making small lifestyle changes to improve their overall wellness!  My education and training at Ashland has really helped me succeed!”