Ashland University Nursing Graduate Secures RN Position Before Graduation

Michael Molnar, an August 2014 graduate of Ashland University’s Dwight Schar College of Nursing and Health Sciences, is working as a registered nurse in the cardiac step-down and cardiovascular ICU at OhioHealth MedCentral Mansfield.

Molnar, who was excited that he was able to secure his first RN position prior to receiving his degree in August, credited the AU nursing faculty members for preparing him for the nursing profession.

“I transferred to AU from a public state school in Ohio for fall semester 2011. I attended the state school for two years, but I wanted smaller, more intimate classrooms to establish better and closer relationships with my peers and instructors,” Molnar said. “I switched from the biology program to nursing at AU. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare but wasn't sure where to begin.”

Molnar said his mother, who served as an adjunct faculty member at MedCentral College of Nursing teaching mental health clinicals, told him about AU’s new BSN program and its new building being built.

He said he inquired about the program, applied and was accepted. “It was a fairly smooth transition. The admissions transfer advisor at AU did a great job of guiding me through that process. All but one of my classes transferred but I was lacking a two-series prerequisite class so I entered the nursing program as a sophomore student,” he said.

“I enjoyed the smaller class sizes attending AU. I felt comfortable right away on the first day of class. I became friends with many of my fellow students and established a connection with my professors and instructors. I found the AU faculty to be approachable and very accessible,” he said. “The new AU College of Nursing building is exquisite. It provided a great center for learning, it was comfortable and I was so very impressed with the state-of-the-art simulation labs. I am very happy with my decision to come to AU.”

Molnar said that finding a job before graduation and before taking my boards was “such a blessing and I was so very pleased.” He said it provided a "sigh of relief because all I had to worry about was finishing my last class and then passing the boards. Job searching is always very stressful and time consuming. Having that out of the way left me much more time to focus on my final studies, especially studying for the boards! I found having a job lined up was a motivator for me to study harder because I knew what was waiting for me on the other side.”

Molnar said that AU properly prepared him for his career in nursing.

“I am just starting orientation for my job and I'm nervous, but I also feel confident and prepared,” he said. “I knew there is so much still to learn but I feel that I have a great foundation on which to build by gaining experience. I'm confident I have the skills and knowledge to start my career and continue to grow.”