Faculty and Staff Directory

The campus operator can be reached at 419.289.4142.
Name E-mail Department Office Location Phone Extension
Catherine A Williams cwilli49@ashland.edu Admission COE 114 289.5387
Debra M Wine dwine@ashland.edu Convocation 289.5761
Shannon Wine swine@ashland.edu Business Office FOUN 101B 5018
Kate L Wise kwise@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
Rachel L. Wlodarsky rwlodars@ashland.edu Education SCOE 225 289.5334
Tamara S Workman tworkman@ashland.edu Admission GILL 289.5052
Jessica Rachelle Worthington jistanic@ashland.edu Columbus Center CO 1121
Coleen Ann Wright cwright5@ashland.edu Outreach Program GILL
Christopher Ryan Yocum cyocum1@ashland.edu Records and Registration FOUN 206 289.5086
Barbara P Yoder byoder2@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL 289.5747
Ervin P. Yoder eyoder4@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL 289.5490
Harley P Yoder hyoder@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL 289.5490
Renee Lynn Yoder ryoder4@ashland.edu Founders School EG 289.5668
Lisa Young lyoung3@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 521.6844
Robert J Zakutni bzakutni@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL 289.5747
Sadie R Zegarac szegarac@ashland.edu Admission GILL 5973
Alma M Ziegler aziegler@ashland.edu Convocation CONV 289.5761