Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Title E-mail Department Office Location Phone Extension
Mary Ellen Flock Director for Field and Internship Experiences-Elyria mflock@ashland.edu Education EG
Andrea Kay Fogleman Full Time - Convocation athomas@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
David J Foster Associate Professor - Social Science Department dfoster2@ashland.edu Social Science AND 122 289.5626
Daniel E Fox Assoicate Prof. - Business (12 Mo.) dfox1@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 231 207.6331
Robyn J Fralick Head Coach - Women's Basketball rfralick@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 289.5474
Susan Lorraine Franz Prof. Inst. Education sfranz@ashland.edu Education SCOE 169 289.5397
Brian D Freeman Equipment Coordinator - Sports Sciences bfreema1@ashland.edu Athletics TCE 289.5448
Jacqueline R Fries-Gomez Instructor - Access jfriesgo@ashland.edu ACCESS CLMT 114 289.5148
Michael Dean Fruth Hourly Carpenter - Maintenance mfruth@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL Maint 289.5490
Christina E. Fuhrmann Professor - Music Department cfuhrman@ashland.edu Music CFA 207 289.5648
Jarrod Henry Gable Prof. Inst. - Health Sciences jgable2@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing RSS 246 207.6197
Sandra L Gallagher Director, Undergraduate Teacher Ed - Elyria sgallagh@ashland.edu Education EG 289.5667
Reginald Troy Gamble Assistant Coach - Football rgamble@ashland.edu Athletics TCE 333 289.5818
Stacy L Garbo Contribution Coordinator sgarbo@ashland.edu Development
Robert Arthur Gardiner Assistant Coach - Basketball rgardine@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 114 289.5461
Scott E. Garlock Professor - Music Department sgarlock@ashland.edu Music CFA 104 289.5134
Sara Nicole Garska Administrative Assistant sgarska@ashland.edu Social Science CLMT 107 289.5364
Randall F Gearhart Professor - Health Sciences rgearhar@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing RSS 245 207.6198
Frederick Christian Geib Dining Room Manager - Convocation fgeib@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5768
Douglas W. Geiser Assistant Coach - Football dgeiser@ashland.edu Athletics TCE 305 289.5437
Michael E Giar Custodian - Convocation mgiar@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
Joseph Acie Gillam Web Content Specialist jgillam@ashland.edu Marketing FOUN 308 207.6286
Laura L. Gilmore Clinical Assistant Professor lgilmore@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 207.6835
Thomas William Gilmore Center Student Support Spec. tgilmore@ashland.edu Seminary CLEV 289.4622
Lori Ann Glick Executive Asst. to Pres. lglick@ashland.edu President's Office FOUN 205 289.5048
Annette M Glover Part Time - Convocation aglover@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
Thomas W Goldsmith Electrician - Maintenance tgoldsmi@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL Maint 289.5490
Karen S Goon Full Time Cook - Convocation kgoon1@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
Christine M Gorey Director of Communications cgorey2@ashland.edu Ashbrook LIB 289.5834
Carrie Lynne Gough Manager - Catering cgough@ashland.edu Catering CONV upper 289.5186
Kathy L Gough Full Time Cook - Convocation kgough@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
Maura K Grady Director of Composition & the Writing Center mgrady3@ashland.edu English CFHB 109 289.5670
Sarah E. Graham Baloney Admin. Asst., PDS - Southwest Center sgraham1@ashland.edu Founders School
Elad Granot Dean of Business and Economics egranot@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 101E 5932
Richard J Gray Associate Professor - Foreign Language Department rgray6@ashland.edu Foreign Language CFHB 210 289.5792
Dennis M. Gruber Clinical Assistant Professor dgruber@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing SSRC 252 289.5446
Faye J Grund Dean, Schar College of Nursing fgrund@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 207.6802
Christy Dawn Grundy Admin. Asst. - Res. Life/MSS/Student Conduct cgrundy2@ashland.edu Resident Life HCSC 232 5303
Jennifer K Guegold Instructor - Access jguegold@ashland.edu ACCESS CLMT 103 289.5793
Antonio L Guerra Asst. Wrestling Coach aguerra@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 111 289.6123
Elizabeth K Guion PT Administrative Assistant eguion@ashland.edu Education COE 132 5386
Sheilah L Gulas Coach - Softball sgulas@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 208 289.5453
Ann K Guthrie Administrative Assistant - Bussiness Affairs aguthrie@ashland.edu Business Office FOUN 201 289.5013
Jeremy D Gypton Teacher Programs Manager jgypton@ashland.edu Ashbrook LIB 207.4915
Karen E Hagans Exec. Director - Career Development khagans@ashland.edu Career Services HCSC 254 289.5067
Sarah A Hall Associate Professor of Education sahall@ashland.edu Education CO 1135
Tamara Marie Hall Administrative Assistant - Part Time thall11@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing SSRC 260 5471
Wendy Maureen Hall Sr. Admissions Counselor - Seminary whall4@ashland.edu Seminary SEM SLC313 207.6977
Mark J Hamilton Associate Professor - Philosophy Department mhamilto@ashland.edu Philosophy BIX 206 289.5135
Jeremy A. Hancock Staff Athletic Trainer jhancock@ashland.edu Athletics TCE 217 207.6195