Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Title E-mail Department Office Location Phone Extension
Steven Michael Hannan Director - Public Relations shannan@ashland.edu Public Relations FOUN 101A 289.5007
Mark Gawaine Harden President - Seminary mharden@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 289.5160
Mary E Harper Part Time Cook - Convocation mharper3@ashland.edu Convocation CONV 5761
Flora Ellen Harris General - Building Services fharris@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL 289.5747
Rhonda A Harris Part Time - Convocation rharri18@ashland.edu Convocation CONV 5761
Sandra L Harris Part Time - Convocation sharris@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 207.5576
Carrie A Hartsel Administrative Assistant chartsel@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 101 5553
Catherine D Hartwell Financial Aid Assistant chartwel@ashland.edu Financial Aid FOUN 310 289.5095
Andrew J Havrisko Assistant Director - Rec. Services ahavrisk@ashland.edu Recreational Services RSS 217 207.6174
L. Daniel Hawk Professor - Seminary dhawk@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 37 289.5172
Marc V Hedrick Professional Instructor - Criminal Justice mhedric2@ashland.edu Criminal Justice CLMT 114 289.5348
Rebecca A Heimberger General - Building Services rheimber@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL 289.5747
Tyler T Heintz Part Time Custodian - Convocation theintz@ashland.edu Convocation CONV 5761
Silvia Henriss Director-Disability Services shenriss@ashland.edu Disability Services LIB 7Floor 289.5904
Emily S Hess Instructor - MAHG ehess@ashland.edu Social Science AND 123 289.5338
Anita F Hewitt Dispatcher ahewitt@ashland.edu Safety Services HCSC 125 207.5555
Joshua T Hickey Part Time Dishroom - Convocation jhickey3@ashland.edu Convocation CONV 5761
Elizabeth K Hildebrand Full Time Cook - Convocation ehildebr@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
Kasey D. Hildebrand Crew Person - Eagle's Nest khildebr@ashland.edu Eagle's Nest HCSC 1st Fl 289.5320
Phyllis J Hiller Part Time Cook - Convocation philler@ashland.edu Convocation HCSC LOWER 289.5761
Aaron James Hilt Assistant Coach - Baseball ahilt@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 209 289.5778
Jill Ann Hiltner Assistant Manager - Bookstore jhiltner@ashland.edu Bookstore HCSC 129 289.5301
Kimberly R Hines Line Server - Convocation khines@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
David L Hipp Electrician - Maintenance dhipp@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL 289.5490
Christine A Hitchcock Dispatcher chitchco@ashland.edu Safety Services HCSC 125 207.5555
Jerrolynn Denise Hockenhull Director of Pastoral Counseling - Detroit jjohns12@ashland.edu Seminary
Karen Elizabeth Hoehn Adminsitrative Assistant khoehn@ashland.edu Development FOUN 301 289.5620
Paul M. Holmes Assistant Professor - Economics Department pholmes2@ashland.edu Economics DACH 245 289.5316
Susan C Homan Representative - Admissions shoman@ashland.edu Admission GILL 385 289.5383
Karin Elisabeth Hootman Assistant - Library khootman@ashland.edu Library LIB Ground 289.5426
Colleen R Hord Ft Administrative Assistant chord@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 319 289.5472
Theda JoAn Hostetler Professional Instructor of Nursing-Grant thostet3@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 207.6871
David Taylor Housewright Assistant Coach - Football dhousewr@ashland.edu Athletics TCE 5439
Mary E Houska Part Time - Convocation mhouska@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5761
Craig R. Hovey Associate Professor - Religion Department chovey@ashland.edu Religion Department RCRS 11 289.5208
Kristen B Hovsepian Assistant Professor - Business khovsepi@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 229 289.5228
Robert Bernard Howard Infrastructure Analyst rhoward3@ashland.edu Information Technology PTC 100N 289.5506
Sheila R Howard Sr. Programmer/Analyst srhoward@ashland.edu Information Technology PTC 100 289.5405
Danielle Joyce Howell Foundation Gifts Manager dhowell2@ashland.edu Ashbrook LIB Ashbrk 289.5671
Stephen C Howell Director - Financial Aid showell@ashland.edu Financial Aid FOUN 310 289.5944
Michelle Marie Hubenschmidt Teacher Programs Manager mhubensc@ashland.edu Ashbrook LIB 207.4913
Elizabeth L Hudson Facility Coordinator - Columbus Center ehudson2@ashland.edu MBA Office 5866
Teresa C. Hudson Manager - Bookstore thudson1@ashland.edu Bookstore HCSC 129 289.5300
Joshua A Hughes Director of Human Resources jhughe11@ashland.edu Human Resources FOUN 106 289.5034
Victoria A Hughes Director of Development vhughes@ashland.edu Ashbrook LIB 8th fl 289.5730
Judi L Humphrey Head of Circulation jhumphre@ashland.edu Library LIB Librar 289.5400
Carol Lynne Hunn Admin. Asst. chunn@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 521.6831
Dinah Marie Hunt Media Specialist - Teacher Education Department dhunt1@ashland.edu Education EG 135 7510
Joshua G Hutchens Coach - Wrestling jhutchen@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 112 289.5456
Paul Hyman Associate Professor - Biology Department phyman@ashland.edu Biology KET 325 207.6309