Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Title E-mail Department Office Location Phone Extension
Susan G. Icenhour Assistant Registrar sicenhou@ashland.edu Seminary SEM Slc311 289.5023
Curtis S Ickes Associate Professor - Psychology cickes@ashland.edu Psychology COE 148 289.5374
Rosaire I. Ifedi Associate Professor of Education rifedi@ashland.edu Education CO 1113
Brad A Imhoff Assistant Professor of Counseling bimhoff1@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 321 289.5144
Denise A Jackson Associate Director - Admissions djacks23@ashland.edu Admission GILL 289.5055
Raymond A Jacobs Associate Dean rjacobs@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 205 289.5931
Susan B. James Facility Coordinator sjames2@ashland.edu MBA Office ADM 5214
David Richard Jameyson Staff Athletic Trainer djameyso@ashland.edu Athletics SSRC 207.6196
Duncan R Jamieson Professor-Social Science Department djamieso@ashland.edu Social Science AND 113 289.5895
Jamie Renee Jarvis Financial Aid Counselor jjarvis2@ashland.edu Financial Aid FOUN 310 5855
Pamela Kay Jenney Administrative Assistant kjenney1@ashland.edu Athletics TCE 289.5475
Terri J Jewett Prof. Inst. Education tjewett@ashland.edu Education COE 168 207.4939
Cameron Lee Johnson Seminary - Grounds cjohns14@ashland.edu Grounds MTBL
Donna K Johnson Adminsitrative Assistant djohnso8@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 31 289.5695
George Howard Johnson Simulation Tech./Inst. Support gjohnso2@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 280 521.6875
Nicholas A Johnson Assistant Professor - Chemistry Department njohnso9@ashland.edu Chemistry KET 130 207.4552
Renee Marie Johnson Coordinator of Admissions rjohns13@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 307 289.5704
Timothy H Johnson Assistant Director - Financial Aid tjohns19@ashland.edu Financial Aid FOUN 310 289.5913
Bryan C Jones Seminary Maintenance - Maintenance bjones5@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL 289.5494
Jennifer L Jones Planned Giving Coordinator jjones49@ashland.edu Development FOUN 305 5072
Whitney Nicole Jones Representative - Admissions wjones3@ashland.edu Admission GILL 202A 289.5127
Pamela J Justice Associate Director-Louisiana Programs pjustic2@ashland.edu Outreach Program
Shannon Kahle Research Analyst - Institutional Effectiveness skahle2@ashland.edu Planning Research & Assessment FOUN 100C 207.6949
Joan Berry Kalamas Instructor - Business Administration jkalamas@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 244 207.5568
Lance P Kaltenbaugh Assoc. Prof. of Sport Mgt. lkaltenb@ashland.edu Business Administration RSS 248 289.5477
David R Karl Instructor - Access dkarl2@ashland.edu ACCESS CLMT 109 289.5786
Victoria L Kaskey Associate Professor - Business Administration vkaskey@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 215 289.5649
Judith A Kastelic Administrative Assistant-Elyria Center-Part-Time jkasteli@ashland.edu Education COE Elyria 289.5664
Deana M Kehres Clinical Assistant Professor dkehres@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS
Charles E Keplinger Service Manager ckepling@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5756
Brock Allen Kertoy Assistant Director of Graduate, Online and Adult Admissions bkertoy@ashland.edu Admission COE 108 207.6432
Angela Sue Kessinger Graduate Application Processor akessing@ashland.edu Records and Registration FOUN 206 289.5438
Sherry Ann Kidd Manager - Eagles Nest skidd@ashland.edu Eagle's Nest HCSC ENST 289.5321
Albert L King Director of Athletics aking@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 101 289.5959
Beth Ann King Administrative Assistant for the Graduate Program bking1@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 207.6869
James Daniel King General - Building Services jking3@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL 289.5747
Terry David King Plumber - Maintenance tking14@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL 289.5490
Barbara A Kiser Director of Student Accounts bkiser@ashland.edu Business Office FOUN 202 289.5020
Stephen B Kiser General - Building Services skiser2@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL
Nicholas William Klecker Information Technology Specialist nklecker@ashland.edu Information Technology PTC 100 5405
Kathy Jo Kleman Full Time - Convocation kkleman@ashland.edu Convocation CONV Lower 289.5759
W. Juanita Reese Kline Associate Prof. of Nursing jkline6@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 210 521.6811
Amy L Klinger Associate Professor of Education aklinger@ashland.edu Education COE
Joan L Knickerbocker Professor - Teacher Education Department jknicker@ashland.edu Education SCOE 254 289.5361
Dreama D Knight Administrative Assistant dknight@ashland.edu Information Technology PTC 100 289.5405
Michaela F Koch Part Time - Bookstore mkoch4@ashland.edu Bookstore
Natalie S Kocher Full Time Cook - Convocation nkocher@ashland.edu Convocation CONV 289.5761
Peggy J Kohler Supervisor - Building Services pkohler@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL Maint 289.5747
David R Kokandy Career Specialist dkokandy@ashland.edu Career Services HCSC 254 289.5066
Laura L Kollar Administrative Assistant-Part-Time lkollar@ashland.edu Christian Ministry CHAP LOWER 5489