Faculty and Staff Directory

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Name Title E-mail Department Office Location Phone Extension
Jessica M Murdock Part Time Dishroom - Convocation jmurdoc4@ashland.edu Convocation CONV 289.5761
Amber R Murray Assistant Professor of Health amurray5@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing RSS 246 6197
Sheila A Myers General - Building Services smyers17@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL
Tina Marie Myers Clinical Education Staff tmyers11@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 170 207.6843
William H Myers Professor - Seminary wmyers@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 289.5771
Mark A Nadler Associate Professor -Economics mnadler@ashland.edu Economics DACH 101G 289.5912
Carl E Nestor Instructional Designer II cnestor@ashland.edu LearnAU PTC 307 207.6221
Michelle R Neville Compensation and Benefits Manager mneville@ashland.edu Human Resources FOUN 106 289.5677
Janet K Newcomer Executive Director of Development jnewcom2@ashland.edu Development FOUN 301 V 289.5104
Rachel Kathleen O'Connor Director Athletic Mark/Promot - Athletics Department roconno3@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 102 289.5442
Daniel J O'Rourke Assoc. Prof. - Communication Arts dorourke@ashland.edu Communication Arts CFA 328 289.5141
Kimberly Sue Oberholtzer Administrative Assistant koberhol@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 5441
James Olive Associate Professor of Education jolive@ashland.edu Education SCOE 130 207.6643
Barbara S Oliver Assistant to Associate Provost boliver2@ashland.edu Associate Provost FOUN 304A 207.6945
Lisa Marie Ormiston Event Coordinator lormisto@ashland.edu Ashbrook LIB Ashbro 289.5429
Shawn L Orr Director of Faculty Services sorr3@ashland.edu Academic Affairs FOUN 304D 207.6929
Christine M Ortiz Accounts Payable cortiz@ashland.edu Business Office FOUN 201 289.5017
Tina Irene Oswalt Administrative Assistant toswalt@ashland.edu Health HCSC Health 289.5200
Paul B Overland Professor - Seminary poverlan@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 289.5773
Adrienne T Owens Site Director-Winn Louisiana aowens4@ashland.edu Outreach Program GILL
Jacqueline K Owens Associate Prof. of Nursing jowens2@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing CNHS 207.6865
Lee A. Owens Head Coach - Football lowens1@ashland.edu Athletics TCE 310 289.5447
Patricia Ann Owens Nurse - Health Clinic powens@ashland.edu Health HCSC 5202
Rene M Paddags Associate Professor - Social Science Department rpaddags@ashland.edu Social Science AN 124 289.5335
Samantha Palma Assistant Coach - Swimming spalma@ashland.edu Athletics RSS 289.5478
Rebecca Rio Parillo Director of Study Abroad rparillo@ashland.edu Study Abroad BIX 211 289.5870
Scott K Parillo Director - International Student Services sparillo@ashland.edu International Student Services HCSC 230 289.5631
Richard L Park General - Building Services rpark@ashland.edu Building Services MTBL
Robert Sean Parker Assistant Professor - Theater Department rparker6@ashland.edu Theater AH 240 5655
James R. Parks Site Director/Instructor-Rici jparks2@ashland.edu Outreach Program GILL
Daniel E Parrigan Sr. Programmer/Analyst dparriga@ashland.edu Information Technology PTC 103 289.5856
Jennifer CM Parsons Assoc. Prof. of Sport Mgt. jparsons@ashland.edu Business Administration RSS 250 207.6199
Christian Anthony Pascarella Director of MAHG cpascare@ashland.edu Ashbrook LIB 8th Fl 289.5608
Jonathan L Paskins Sous Chef jpaskins@ashland.edu Convocation CONV lower 289.5762
Beth J Patton Assoc. Prof. of Health Sciences bpatton1@ashland.edu Schar College of Nursing RSS 257 289.5470
William P. Payne Professor - Seminary wpayne@ashland.edu Seminary SEM 41 289.5865
Pamela K Pelasky Administrative Assistant ppelasky@ashland.edu Education SCOE 214 289.5366
Aaron J Penhorwood Senior Admissions Representative apenhorw@ashland.edu Admission COE 105 207.6946
Martha A Penwell Business Manager mpenwell@ashland.edu Auxiliary Services AMS 1st FL 289.5758
Cynthia C Petry Instructor of Art cpetry@ashland.edu Art Department CFA 344A 289.5652
Samantha Phillips Professional Advisor sphilli6@ashland.edu Center for Academic Support LIB 7th Fl 289.5783
Kari Lynn Pickens Assistant Coach - Women's Basketball kpickens@ashland.edu Athletics GYM 289.5474
Jane M Piirto Professor - Teacher Education Department jpiirto@ashland.edu Education SCOE 247 289.5379
Jeffrey A Pinkham Librarian - Library jpinkham@ashland.edu Library LIB Librar 289.5407
Beverly J Piper Associate Professor - Business Administration bpiper@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 236 289.5230
Khushwant Pittenger Professor - Business Administration Department kpitten@ashland.edu Business Administration DACH 204 289.5219
Timothy L Plank Hourly Carpenter - Maintenance tplank@ashland.edu Maintenance MTBL Maint 289.5490
Margaret Ann Pomfret Vice President - Development mpomfret@ashland.edu Development FOUN 300 289.5102
Jose Roberto Ponce Associate Vp of Marketing and Recruitment-Seminary jponce@ashland.edu Seminary SEM SLC305 289.5706
Matthew D Portner Director - Auxiliary Services mportner@ashland.edu Auxiliary Services AMS 1st FL 289.5251