Financial Aid's Role in the Tuition Reset

Ashland University is committed to keeping education affordable. Along with our price reduction, we have also changed our financial aid structure for incoming students. You can view our projected 2014-15 cost by clicking here.

98% of students receive aid

Returning Students

Tuition and instititutional financial aid are inescapably linked. As we reduce cost, we must also adjust the institutional aid that students receive. Returning students will notice that under the tuition reset, their net costs for 2014-15 will be less than what they would have been in 2014-15 under the outgoing price model. Your specific situation can be affected by many factors such as changes in need or academic performance. We have sent letters to each student to show how the tuition reset may affect their 2014-15 cost.

2014-15 Awards for Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students*

First-time freshmen and first-time transfer students are eligible for university awards that range from $1,500 to $11,000 per year. Awards are determined by reviewing a student's prior academic performance (high school or prior college transcripts) and performance on standardized tests (ACT/SAT - not applicable to transfers). Admitted students will receive confirmation of their awards shortly after they are admitted to the university. These awards do not apply to readmitted students.

*Awards begin in Fall Semester, 2014

Other Awards

For information on other Ashland University grants and scholarships, click here.

If you have questions about any of the information above, please contact our office by phone at 800.882.1548, ext. 5002 or by email at .


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