Current Student - Tuition & Fees

Breaking down the costs of attending Ashland University

To the left are links to the breakdown for each of the tuition and fees charges you may receive based upon your degree track.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning for college financing. Direct costs are items you are billed for such as tuition, room, board and general fees. Other expenses you may incur are book charges, special course fees and the miscellaneous personal expenses you should plan for the year. Find your direct costs by following the link at left that indicates the type of student you are at Ashland.

Financial aid counselors will work with you to find scholarships and grants to minimize your costs. There are also student and parent loan programs and student employment opportunities that all help make attending Ashland University affordable.

Tuition & Fees Breakdown for Different Students

Tuition breakdown for:

  • Undergraduates - undergraduates and partnership program students (LCCC and Columbus Center Completion programs)
  • Nursing-accelerated - students at the Mansfield campus, studying toward an Accelerated Nursing degree
  • Adult learners - non-traditional undergraduate students attending Ashland University through the Founders School of Continuing Education
  • International students - students studying abroad at Ashland University