Financial Aid - Step 4

Organize and Remember the Following...

Now that you have completed the first three steps in the financial aid process, it is important to organize your paperwork and watch for certain emails and other documents that will be coming your way.  We  understand that the process is new to many students so we have listed some reminders and organizing tips to  help!


To keep the financial aid and billing processes from becoming confusing, please review our reminders just to make sure you have everything in place as early as possible. If you have a question, contact our office for help.

Access WebAdvisor - Remember! You can review your Financial Aid Award and billing statement at any time through your WebAdvisor account.

Ashland University Email - It is important to check your student email regularly. Financial aid communications, any revisions to your Financial Aid Award and loan disbursement notices will be sent to your Ashland University account.

Financial Aid Forms - Have you returned all financial aid paperwork requested? Verification Worksheet, taxes? If not, do so right away!

Final High School or College Transcript - Are you an incoming student? Some of your aid will not be disbursed until your final high school or college transcript has been received in the AU Admission Office. If you are an incoming freshman, you should have your high school transcript sent to AU by June of your senior year before your high school closes for the summer. If you are a transfer student,  you should have your college transcript sent as soon as your last term at your previous school ends. This will ensure your financial aid will credit to your account before the first day of classes.

Fall Billing Statement - Registered students will receive a single billing statement in July for the fall semester. Remember, AU has "gone green" and no further billing statements will be mailed. You can check the status of your fall account and view your spring semester billing statement through your WebAdvisor account.

Loans & Grants - Your fall billing statement may not reflect all of the financial aid listed on your award. Federal grants and all loans will NOT post to your account until 10 days prior to the first day of school. Compare your Financial Aid Award to your billing statement to determine how much you will owe.

Special Conditions Form - If your family's income has changed substantially since you completed the current year's FAFSA due to job loss, divorce or death in the family, contact your Financial Aid Counselor to see if you should complete a Special Conditions Form.



Making sure you review paperwork needed and keeping important financial aid documents secure and organized will help to create a smooth and easy transition into college.

PIN - Memorize your Federal PIN as it may be needed for certain financial aid documents after you arrive on campus. Keeping your PIN in a safe place at home is a good idea. And never share your PIN with anyone, even your financial aid counselor!

Loan Folder - You will receive disclosure statements for each loan you receive while at AU. So, start a loan folder for each type loan (Stafford, Perkins, private, etc.). Put a copy of your promissory note and keep each disclosure statement you receive in the folder. This will help ensure that you know how much you've borrowed and know where to make payments when you graduate. Add this web address to your folder - You can go to this secure government site at any time to check your federal loan history.

Student Employment - If you plan to work on campus, review the CSO Employment Database before you come to campus and bring two forms of identification with you to campus. The forms can include originals of your passport, birth certificate or social security card. You should also make sure you have your driver's license or state I.D. card with you. Remember to keep all important documents with personal information in a safe and secure place.

Moving to Campus

Moving to campus should be exciting, not a hassle. 

Housing - If you have completed the financial aid process and are cleared for housing you should receive an email letting you know you can pick up your key on move-in day.  YOU DO NOT need to come to the business office to get housing clearance if you receive this email.  Please assist the Housing staff by following the instructions in the email communication.