Ashland University's Outside Scholarship Policy

Ashland Outside Scholarships FinderAshland University intends to give students who receive an outside scholarship the maximum benefit possible. Students are required to report to the Financial Aid Office, in writing, the name of the scholarship and the amount awarded for each academic year as soon as the student becomes aware of his/her eligibility for the outside award. The outside grant or scholarship will be added to the other aid the student is entitled to as long as total financial aid does not exceed a student’s need or cost of attendance.

What is an Outside Scholarship Exactly?

An outside scholarship is any scholarship not awarded by the government or Ashland directly.  An example could be a scholarship provided by a private sector company, philanthropist, high school board of education, or foundation.  A letter from the organization awarding the scholarship should include: full name of student, AU student ID, term or dates scholarship is intended to cover, costs that may be covered or are excluded from being covered (i.e., tuition and fees only, room and board only, etc.), and whether the funds can be distributed as a refund if applicable.  Questions on what to include or where to send the letter and/or scholarship should be directed to the student's financial aid counselor.

Websites for Ashland Outside Scholarships

Your outside scholarship search for the following academic year should start in the fall/winter prior to the fall when you need the funds. Some helpful websites for national scholarship searches are,, and You should also check with your county's and/or hometown’s Chamber of Commerce, Education Foundations, City Hall, or even with your high school’s guidance counselor to learn about local sources of funding.