Outside Scholarships

Ashland University intends to give students who receive an outside scholarship the maximum benefit possible. Students are required to report to the Financial Aid Office, in writing, the name of the scholarship and the amount awarded for each academic year as soon as the student becomes aware of his/her eligibility for the outside award. The outside grant or scholarship will be added to the other aid the student is entitled to, as long as total financial aid does not exceed a student’s need or cost of attendance.

Your outside scholarship search for the following academic year should start in the fall. Some helpful websites for national scholarship searches are www.finaid.org, www.fastweb.com and www.collegeboard.com. You should also check with your hometown’s Chamber of Commerce, Education Foundations, City Hall or even with your high school’s guidance counselor to learn about local sources of funding. Below is a list of outside scholarship sources that have been sent to Ashland University to disseminate to our students.

Outside Scholarships Finder

Scholarship Description:


OrchidsMadeEasy.com offers an annual orchid care scholarship to a qualified undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a program in Botany, Horticulture, Environmental Science, Conservation, or related field, with a focus on orchids. The purpose of the scholarship is to advance the study of orchids and orchid care. Topics can include, but not limited to: researching orchids in their native habitats, increasing biodiversity, or aiding in conservation efforts. Orchids Made Easy recognizes the importance of making orchid research accessible and preserving orchids for present and future generations.

Informational website is:  http://www.orchidsmadeeasy.com/orchid-care-scholarship/

Applications can be downloaded from http://www.orchidsmadeeasy.com/wdp/wp-content/uploads/Orchids-Made-Easy-Scholarship.pdf


4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:

Application can be found on their website:  http://www.akroncf.org/Portals/0/Uploads/Documents/NEORIMS%20Scholarship%20Application_editable.pdf

RIMS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management, a professional discipline that protects physical, financial and human resources. Founded in 1950, RIMS represents over 3,800 industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable, and governmental entities. The Society serves 9,400 risk management professionals around the world.

The Northeast Ohio Chapter of RIMS was chartered in 1959. Its scholarship(s) are awarded to students annually on a competitive basis.

Majoring in risk management, insurance, or a related field at an accredited college or university, with the intent of working in the insurance or risk management industry (required)

Maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.25 on a 4.0 scale (required)

Demonstrating involvement in the university and community through extracurricular, philanthropic or volunteer activities (considered)

Financial need (considered)

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:

Richland County Foundation is offering college scholarships to undergraduate students from Richland County. This is a need-based college scholarship program has three eligibility requirements: (1). Applicant must be a permanent resident of Richland County; (2). Applicant will or does attend an accredited undergraduate school full-time for the academic year; and (3). Applicant must have a 2.5 GPA (if a new applicant) or a 2.0 GPA (if re-applying). Applications are available at http://richlandcountyfoundation.org/scholarships, or in the Financial Aid Office. The following must be submitted to the Foundation on or before April 1st. Completed application, Student Aid Report, most recent grades.

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:

The Reynoldsburg Civic Club - Jessie Weiberg Scholarship

Criteria for this Reynoldsburg, Ohio residency scholarship can be found at: 


Deadline:  April 30, 2014

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:


We're giving away $1000 bucks. Again. You could win. It would obviously rule.

Test your design skills to create a new t-shirt design for the ZLA army. Enter to win $1000 for college expenses. Spend it on books, food, classes or whatever else fuels your education!  Show us your chops. The best design will also get printed up and sent to you for gloating purposes. How cool is that? Cool, I'm telling you, very cool.

Download Design Templates:

Download RevZilla Logo:

Here is how you enter:

  • Use one of supplied logos to create a unique design that we could put on a t-shirt.
  • Give it a once twice-over. We're not looking for rough drafts.
  • Send a JPG attachment to chad@revzilla.com with your design. If you're chosen, we'll request a high-res file that we'll get printed up to give out to your friends.The file name should be your full name, state and date of birth. Example: Johnny-Rider-PA-10-26-1987.jpg
  • Submit it by June 1st, 2015.

Here's how you win:

  • Design something awesome and send it to us.
  • We will pick a winner on or around June 30th and notify you.
  • It's subjective, we're going to pick our favorite (probably because it made us laugh or cry)
  • We will send you a fat check in the mail or you can come pick up your grand in $1's at RevZilla HQ in Philadelphia. No bull.
  • We will announce the winner to the world in one of RevZilla's Monthly Deals Videos, so you can send it to your friends and gloat about your G.

File requirements:

  • Designs must use no more than 4 proposed ink colors
  • Contest entries must be submitted as 1200px Wide X 1300px High JPG file. File must not exceed 5MB.
  • Winning design must be supplied as a vector file (AI, PDF, EPS), or 300dpi Photoshop file.

To be eligible:

  1. You must be a graduating senior or a freshmen or sophomore in college
  2. You can't be related to any of TeamZilla staff or our extended family.
  3. You must be graduating high school or in college between the ages of 16 (super smart) and 21 (you made some mistakes).
  4. We reserve the right to verify date of HS graduation and/or college enrollment
4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:


Major: Computer science or computer engineering with a demonstrated interest in the fields of database administration or data science.


  • Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited 4-year university or college located in United States
  • Graduating high school seniors with a GPA of 3.5 or above are also eligible to apply for the scholarship
  • Essay

How to apply:

  1. Write a 1000-word essay comparing 3 different database technologies of your choosing;
  2. Create a visual infographic to accompany your essay;
  3. Be sure that both your essay and infographic are detailed, well-written and are based on information that is well-researched;
  4. Include a cover letter. Be sure to include your name, your college, college year, graduating year and intended major. In your cover letter, explain how you plan to use the scholarship and why Remote DBA should select your application.

To apply, submit your scholarship application to apply-scholarship@remotedba.com.

Deadline: March 15, 2015

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
3 500.00
Scholarship Description:


Win a $1,000 Scholarship!

Deadline for submission to essay contest: May 30, 2015

Reed Tech is committed to supporting global innovation and growth. As part of our mission, we are offering a $1,000 scholarship to students who are studying or are planning to study a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) major at a U.S. university or college during the 2015/2016 academic year. 

Interested applicants are invited to take part in our essay competition.

Innovations drive progress, economic growth and are the engine that moves patent-driven companies forward. Students who have studied STEM majors have gone on to develop innovations that have materially changed both our work and leisure lives. For this essay, please write about a significant innovation, what benefits it has provided and how you would improve upon it.


  • One essay per applicant.
  • Essays should be no more than 750 words.
  • The winner is required to provide proof of matriculation before the scholarship can be awarded.
  • Participants must be a U.S. applicant applying to U.S. colleges or universities or a current U.S. student enrolled at a U.S. college or university.
  • Participants must be pursuing or planning to pursue a major in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) studies.
  • Reed Tech owns essays after submission and reserves the right to publish them.
  • Reed Tech has the authority to decide the winning participant. The winning decision is final.
  • The winner is determined by Reed Tech only.

All essays can be submitted by sending an email to info@reedtech.com. In the body of your email, please include the name of the school(s) you wish to attend, the major you wish to pursue and any notable achievements. Reed Tech will review all essay submissions and consider the following when choosing a winner:

  • The essay must be engaging, well written and grammatically correct.
  • The participant’s selection of innovation must contain well-supported rationale. The writer’s thought process should be fully developed and exhibited throughout the essay.
  • The innovations and improvements discussed in the essay should be reasonable and potentially possible.

Aside from selecting a winning essay, we will also post some of our favorite essays on ReedTech.com, so keep an eye out for yours. Good luck!

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:

Ramapo for Children offers college students a valuable and highly unique summer job experience working one-on-one staff-to-camper ratio serving children with social, emotional, and learning challenges.  Apply by calling 845.876.8403 or apply online at www.ramapoforchildren.org .

Camp Ramapo, P. O. Box 266, Rhinebeck, New York  12572.

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:

The Radio Television Digital News Association offers various scholarships for those pursuing a career in electronic journalism. Applicants must be a fully enrolled college sophomore or higher. Applications can be submitted online only and must be submitted by April 1. Go to www.rtdna.org/pages/media_items/scholarships-for-undergraduate-students5... for details.

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:

Go to website to learn more:  http://www.projectmanager.com/scholarship.php


  • US students who are 16 years of age or older are encouraged to apply for our scholarships. High school students, undergraduate students, master degree students, and adult learners are all encouraged to apply.

  • Students enrolled (or committed to attend) a two year, four year, or a graduate program are eligible.

  • Financial situation and/or monetary awards previous scholarships have no bearing on this scholarship award

How to Apply:

Successful applicants will fully complete the Scholarship Application. A 'live' version of the application form will be made available ONLY during the open periods listed below. During those periods, the form will provide more detailed instructions on filling out and submitting your application.

Note: An official transcript will need to be mailed as part of your application, and must be received by the end of the application submission period. The application form will provide a physical address where transcripts are to be sent.

Application Submission Periods: Open periods to submit an application will be as follows:

  • Submission Period (2014 Award): August 15th, 2014 – December 15th, 2014 (Closed)

Scholarship Award Winner Announcements: Winners will be announced on this web page on the following dates:

  • Award Announcement for 2014 Submissions (Spring Award): January 15th, 2014 (Awarded)

Scholarship award winners will be contacted directly at the time of announcement.

Get the Scholarship Application Here!

Once you’ve completed the application, please email the Word document to support@projectmanager.com. We look forward to watching your answers!

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:

Want to learn more?  Go to their website:  http://www.printaholic.com/scholarship/


Artistic Excellence in Print Design & Marketing Scholarship

Printaholic.com is pleased to offer the Artistic Excellence in Print Design & Marketing Scholarship, a $1,000 scholastic award granted annually to the most qualified and deserving U.S. undergraduate or graduate meeting the following criteria:

  •  A current undergraduate or graduate majoring in Graphic Arts & Design or a related field
  •  Currently enrolled with an accredited U.S. university, college or institution of higher learning
  •  Recorded minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Applicants will be judged based on the completion and submission of a personal marketing package promoting themselves. This package must contain one (1) of each of the following:

  • Business card
  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Flyer

Each individual piece in the package should showcase the applicant’s design skills and abilities. All pieces must work together to fully describe and display why the applicant deserves to be selected, highlighting academic achievements, experience and future goals relating to graphic design and art.


Due Date: Nov. 30 annually

Awarded: Dec. 31 annually

How to apply:

By mail: Applicant should mail their personal marketing package in addition to an official transcript to:

Printaholic.com Scholarship c/o Digital Brands Inc. 15 SE 1st Ave, Suite B Gainesville, FL 32601

Online + mail: Applicant should mail an official transcript in addition to an online portfolio URL to the above address.

Other instructions:

  • Applicant should use his or her full name as recognized by their educational institution and a valid (.edu) email address in their marketing package.
  • Any resources should be carefully noted and cited appropriately.
  • Any plagiarism or fabrication will disqualify the applicant from award disbursement.
  • Check this page to stay updated on scholarship award and instructions.
4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:


Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship

Price Benowitz LLP believes strongly in advancing the cause of social justice and ensuring that all people, regardless of their socio-economic standing, can realize their full potential and, in turn, give back to their communities. A strong component of any successful social justice program is education, and the firm is equally dedicated to providing valuable educational opportunities to future lawyers and other students who are also passionate about affecting positive social change through volunteer and professional work opportunities. As such, we are pleased to sponsor the annual Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship, which will seek to achieve the goals of championing social justice through quality education.

Since the early 20th century, leaders within legal communities around the world have been at the forefront of fighting for social justice for some of the most underrepresented members of society. While significant progress has been made in this realm, there is still much to be done. Until all people benefit from equal opportunities in legal, educational, and social circles, that work will continue. Price Benowitz is dedicated to this effort and in supporting those students who are destined to become tomorrow’s social justice leaders. With that in mind, we are pleased to offer this $1,000 scholarship to college students who plan to pursue a post-secondary degree.

Criteria for eligibility and selection:

  • The scholarship program is open to undergraduate, community college, and graduate students enrolled in an accredited post-secondary educational institution within the United States.
  • The candidate for scholarship has a proven interest in furthering a social justice agenda through prior educational, professional, and volunteer work experiences.
  • The candidate must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Application requirements:

The Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship Program welcomes all undergraduate students who meet the above criteria to apply. Applicants will be assessed on the following terms:

  • A current resume.
  • A 500 word letter of intent that identifies the applicant and describes the applicant’s drive and dedication to social justice causes.
  • A current, official academic transcript from the applicant’s school.
  • You can, in lieu of the letter of intent, submit a video application demonstrating your drive and dedication to social justice causes.

Application deadline and instructions:

Deadline:  March 1st, 2016 and we will be announcing the winner by May 1st 2016. To be considered eligible, interested applicants must submit their letter of intent, academic transcripts, and resume via US mail or fax. Address fax or mail submissions to:

Price Benowitz Social Justice Scholarship
Attn: Firm Administrator
409 7th Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20004

Fax: (202) 664-1331
For questions please e-mail hr@pricebenowitz.com

Read more: http://pricebenowitzlaw.com/opportunities/#ixzz3G9duNCIh

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:

Polonia Foundation of Ohio, Inc. Scholarship This scholarship is
available to any deserving student of Polish ancestry, who is a resident
of Ohio and a permanent resident or a citizen of the United States.
Applications are now available through June 15. Grants will be awarded
in Cleveland in October at the Foundations annual Pulaski Day Banquet.
In recent years, grants were awarded in amounts ranging from $750 to
$1,500 including one each to students of Law, Medicine, and
Communications. You may request applications from and return
applications to Richard W. Jablonski, Scholarship Chairman, 12716
Oakview Blvd. Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125. Forms must be postmarked by
June 1.

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:
Police Corps - offers scholarship funds to full-time students in a
4-year college pursuing a Baccalaureate degree or to graduate students.
(Up to $7500 per year, up to the $30,000 total). The statute says the
applicant may NOT have previous law enforcement (i.e., fully sworn
Police Officer) experience. For more eligibility information please see:
http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov and general information: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:


Paw-senting: Petplan's first-ever Scholarship Contest!

At Petplan, our motto is that pets come first. So we're always sniffing out ways to improve the lives of our furry friends! For example, we recently ran a petition campaigning for laws to prevent leaving animals unattended in cars in extreme temperatures.

Now we want to hear your ideas to help improve the lives of four-legged friends. Enter our first-ever Scholarship Contest and you could win $1,000! It’s the perfect op-paw-tunity for students seeking veterinary scholarships or for any pet-loving students who want a helping paw with school fees, textbooks or treats!

All you have to do is put pen in paw and answer the following question:

It's that simple! Send us your answer in an essay of at least 500 words, and $1,000 could be yours. We know that for students, college and vet school scholarships can change lives – and who knows? Your idea could also change the lives of pets fur-ever!

We’re accepting applications from a wide range of students, whether you’re just em-bark-ing on your higher education journey, well on your way to graduation or looking ahead to a career in animal health or welfare.

For more details, purr-use our full terms and conditions.

Good Luck and Dog Speed to all Paw-ticipants!
4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:

Take a moment and check out their website:  http://www.peoplesmart.com/PeopleSmartScholarshipContest#regulations

Deadline:  April 30, 2014


Students need to be currently be enrolled in a public or private high school (9-12th grade). All participants must be U.S. citizens or a permanent residents of the United States. Current Inflection LLC employees or the immediate family of current Inflection LLC employees are not eligible for entry.



4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
2 500.00
Scholarship Description:

To learn more, go to their website:  http://www.pelicanwater.com/scholarship.php

Upcoming Deadline:  October 15, 2014

Level:  Undergraduate or Graduate

Occurs:  Bi-annually

Applicants:  Must be legal US residents, must be currently enrolled full-time at an accredited university in the US

Awards:  1st place - $3,000; 2nd place - $2,000; 3rd place - $1,000

Essay:  Write 500-700 words on:  "What are your daily water-saving environmental contributions and how do they affect the environment?" 

Transcripts:  High school graduate or equivalent 3.5 GPA or higher; University student with 3.5 GPA or higher

Reference:  one letter of recommendation



4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:

Payne, Nickles & Company, CPAs is offering two $2,000 scholarship for the 2015-16 academic year.  The scholarship is open to fourth or fifth year students with accounting majors and is intended to assist the student in meeting the 150-hour requirement to take the CPA exam.  Scholarship applications can be picked up at 422 West Market Street in Sandusky or 257 Benedict Avenue, Bldg. D in Norwalk or on website.

Eligibility Criteria:  Erie/Huron, or continguous counties, Ohio resident; minimum of 2.8 GPA; completion of the FAFSA

Deadline:  5 p.m. Friday, May 1, 2015

Contact information:  Website www.pncpa.biz; Phone 800-860-0152; Fax 419-663-3637

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
2 000.00
Scholarship Description:

Payne, Hammersmith, Nickles & Company Accounting Scholarships is
offering two $1,500 scholarships for the academic year. These
scholarships are open to fourth and fifth year students with Accounting
majors, and are intended to assist the students in meeting the 150-hour
requirement to take the CPA exam. Eligibility criteria: (1) Erie or
Huron County, Ohio resident (2) Minimum 2.8 GPA (3) Completion of the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This scholarship is
based on field of study, merit, financial need, and community
involvement. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.
Deadline is 5p.m. May 2.

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:


Oz Moving & Storage is proud to be a part of our local communities and even more proud to be involved with volunteering our time to various causes that help to grow our community. As part of our commitment to helping make our local communities a better place, we are reaching out to financially help one lucky student with a $1,000 Scholarship. We know that paying for college can be a challenge. The courses, textbooks, and dorm life can add up quickly. We want to help make it that much easier so you can focus on what matters most - the academics. While the journey may not be easy, the reward of an academic education will remain with you for a lifetime.

Oz Moving & Storage’s $1,000 Essay Scholarship will be awarded to one qualifying graduating high school student or undergraduate college student with the most provocative and well-written essay. Fill out our quick survey below, email us your essay and the $1,000 could be yours!

We hope to see many student participants for our 2015 scholarship! Be sure to read the rules and submission details carefully before entering.*

Essays will be graded based on proper use of grammar and execution of ideas and argument on the student's topic of choice by selected staff of Oz Moving & Storage.

How to Enter:

Please choose one essay topic from the two below to write about:  (You will need to continue wiht Scholarship Survey on website link.)

  1. When you’re in elementary school, middle school, or high school, big life changes such as a move to a new town, city or state, can be rough. Being the new kid on the block and having to make new friends can either be fun or rough. Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a big change and how you overcame it for the better.

  2. If you had the opportunity to debate a particular topic with anyone in history (past or present), who would it be and what would the topic be?

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:

Ornament Shop Annual $500 Scholarship Award

Objective:    Seeks new initiatives for selling their products year round.

Challenge:  Develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy to acquire sales from February to October.

The Reward:  The student with the most unique, well-written submission, as judged by the Company's Owner and Marketing Director, will be awarded $500 scholarship.  In addition, the winner will be offered an opportunity to interview with the company and employment in marketing as full-time or intern, if underclassman.

Further information can be found at:  http://www.ornamentshop.com/scholarship.asp

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:


OAR is now accepting applications for the 2015 Scholarship Program. The online application can be found here: https://app.wizehive.com/apps/oarscholarship2015. The application will close on May 1, 2015.

Background:  In 2008, the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) introduced the Schwallie Family Scholarship Program to support the post-secondary, undergraduate education of qualified individuals with an autism spectrum diagnosis. As of December 1, 2014, OAR has awarded a total of $476,500 to 156 students from across the country through this program. Supported initially through gifts from the family of OAR Board member, Ed Schwallie, the scholarship fund has also received generous support from the Lisa Higgins Hussman Foundation in each of the last five years.

In 2013, OAR announced an expansion of the scholarship program to benefit students with more severe autism diagnoses by establishing the Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship Program. OAR Board member and Scholarship Committee chairwoman, Lisa Hussman, championed the initiative, which is supported through a generous gift from the Lisa Higgins Hussman Foundation. For these awards, eligible students may be attending any of the types of institutions that fall under the Schwallie Family Scholarship Program criteria, as well as one of the growing number of certificate and life skills / transition programs.

2015 Scholarship Program:  OAR's scholarship program provides non-renewable $3,000 scholarships to students across the autism spectrum. OAR is pleased to invite applications from persons with an autism diagnosis (DSM-IV or later criteria) pursuing full-time, post-secondary, undergraduate education or vocational-technical training in any of the following:

  • Four-year undergraduate college or university
  • Two-year undergraduate college
  • Trade, technical or vocational school
  • Cooperative life skills programs

Applicants must choose between one of the following options:

  • The Schwallie Family Scholarship for higher-functioning students
  • The Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship to support students with more severe autism diagnoses

Eligibility: Any individual with an established autism diagnosis and who will be attending an accredited institution of higher education in the United States for the Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 semesters is eligible to apply. Eligible individuals need to be enrolled on a full-time basis or be working toward certification or accreditation in a particular field (e.g., studying to be a paralegal, chef, etc.). Past recipients of a Schwallie Family Scholarship or immediate family members of any person serving on OAR’s Board of Directors or Scientific Council are not eligible to apply.

Proof of Diagnosis:  Due to the sensitive nature of medical information and the volume of applications OAR receives, the application process assumes the applicant has an autism diagnosis.  Once OAR identifies finalists, it requires each one to submit copies of the medical documentation that established the diagnosis.  This is not part of the application process.  Before applying, however, each applicant should review the proof of diagnosis criteria.

**Based on recent changes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) criteria for autism spectrum diagnoses, OAR will be asking all scholarship finalists to verify that they meet criteria for either a DSM-IV or DSM-V diagnosis.

Application:  OAR exclusively uses an online application system.  Using a drop down box, applicants will select either the Schwallie Family Scholarship (for higher functioning students) or the Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship (more severe diagnosis students).  Students are expected to complete the applications on their own.  In the case of applicants for the Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship whose written communications skills may be more limited, OAR will allow a parent or guardian to provide a personal letter in addition to the required letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, coach, or other non-relative. 

Review: The Scholarship Review Committee is comprised of members of OAR's Board of Directors, and augmented by selected parents of children with autism and self-advocates. Each complete application is reviewed.  Incomplete submissions are disqualified.

The review proceeds in two phases: (1) Initial Review and (2) Final Review.  Approximately 10 percent of applicants advance to the Final Review.  From there, the Scholarship Review Committee identifies intended scholarship recipients and a ranked list of alternates should a primary candidate subsequently not qualify for any reason. 

Reviewers base their evaluation and recommendations on the personal story as conveyed by the essay’s original content: challenges that have been overcome, future aspirations, the importance of the chosen field of study, and how the scholarship will help achieve academic, career, and personal goals.

California Spirit of Distinction Scholarship: Starting in 2012, OAR partnered with an anonymous donor that wished to provide two $500 scholarships to young women attending schools in the California State University system. All applicable candidates for the Schwallie Family Scholarship will be considered for a California Spirit of Distinction Scholarship.

Note to Applicants, Parents, and Counselors:

This is a highly competitive program.  Last year, OAR received nearly 500 applications competing for 40 available scholarships. OAR encourages any interested person to apply. At the same time, we caution anyone submitting an application against incorporating this scholarship into any financial plans for post-secondary education until notified of selection.

If you are unable to find what you are searching for or have additional questions, please contact Wendy McKinnon, programs and outreach associate, at scholarship@researchautism.org or 703-243-3466.

4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
Scholarship Description:


What is Online Brand Protection?

Companies use online brand protection to help establish and define their presence on the web. This includes researching, registering and monitoring everything from domain names to social media names to trademarks.

Scholarship Essay Topic: Online Brand Protection

In 500 words or less, provide a response on the topic below:

You work in the marketing department of a major corporation that is launching a new brand. You are responsible for the corporation's online marketing strategy related to the new brand name.

Explain your plan of action to establish the new brand name online, using the questions below as your guides:

  • What domain names would you register? How would you go about researching whether those domain names are available for registration? Which domain names would you use actively vs. register for defensive purposes only?
  • Which social media platforms would you use for the new brand and what usernames would you register on each platform? How would you go about researching whether those social media usernames are available for registration?
  • Which trademarks would you register? How would you go about identifying where and what to register? Which other departments at your company would you involve?
  • What tools would you put in place to monitor your brand name online in order to identify improper use or abuse by other parties? How would you research and select those tools?

Submission Format:

  • Please submit your essay in PDF Format
  • Please use the following document name template: LastName_FirstName_Date.pdf
  • Submission deadline: May 31, 2015
  • Please email your essay to: scholarship@cscglobal.com
4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
1 000.00
Scholarship Description:


The Ohio Nurses Foundation awards thousands of dollars annually in research grants and scholarships to notable nurses and future nurses.

Browse the list below of available scholarship and grant opportunities and their corresponding applications.  Scholarships and research grants are awarded at the annual Nurses Choice Awards and Scholarship Luncheon.  The deadline for all applications is January 15th of each year.

  • Research Grants: For the support of sound research projects conducted by registered nurses in Ohio. Up to 3 $2,000 grants are awarded per year.
4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount:
2 000.00
Scholarship Description:
Ohio Travel Association - $1,000 scholarship to a deserving,
full-time student studying tourism. Renewable for following two years. A
description of the scholarship and application are posted at www.ohiotravel.org.
4 Year Amount:
Scholarship Amount: