New Student Workers

Procedure to obtain an on-campus job for new students:

  1. Locate an On-Campus Job

    Visit the Career Center for Life Calling's online job posting database Handshake to search and apply for an available job.

  2. Complete the Work Authorization Form

    Once hired, your supervisor will initiate the On-Campus Student Employment Work Authorization form. You will receive an email asking you to log into Etrieve to access the form. Please review it and enter all items in the "To Be Completed and Approved by Student" section, then click "Submit."

  3. Complete and Return All Necessary Paperwork

    If this is your first on-campus job, you will receive an employment packet from Human Resources which will include all tax forms, I-9 forms, etc. These must be completed and returned before you can begin your on-campus position and/or get paid. Return completed forms IN PERSON to Human Resources located at 104 Founders on or before your first day of employment with your required I-9 identification items. Contact with any questions about your employment forms.

  4. Start working and Get Paid!