Honors Program Capstone Project

The Honors student applies the skills of inquiry, discovery and critical thinking to a project of their choosing within their discipline. The Honors Capstone Projects listed here demonstrate a wide variety of interests and an impressive amount of research and knowledge from these undergraduate students. These projects are available for viewing at the Ashland University campus library. Each volume titled Ashland University Honors Papers is cataloged under "A" in the reference section with an annual volume for each academic year and authors are alphabetical within each volume. The Ashland University Honors Program applauds these Honors Program graduates for their ingenuity, creativity and effort!

Fall 2019 Capstones

Kaitlyn Bailey:  Answering the Battle Cry of Freedom: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the Call to Noble Action

Capstone Advisor: Dr. Jason Stevens, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science

Majors: History and Political Science

Minor: Ethics

Esther Goodell:  Analysis of Program Effectiveness for the Life Calling Class I, Community Services Club, and Business Internships at Ashland University

Capstone Advisor: Kris Hovsepian, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Major: Marketing

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Kelly Luck:  A Study of Group Theory in the Rubik’s Cube, the Pyraminx, the Master Pyraminx, and the Gear Cube”

Capstone Advisor: Dr. Gordon Swain, Professor of Mathematics

Majors: Integrated Math, Mathematics

Minor: Religion

Elizabeth Takacs:  A Replication of “Going Green to Be Seen; Status, Reputation, and Conspicuous Conservation.”

Capstone Advisor: Dr. Christopher Chartier, Associate Professor of Psychology

Major: Psychology

Minor: Social Work

Kiana Ziegler:  Meditation of the Flesh - Self-Therapy for Chronic Illness

Capstone Advisor: Keith Dull, Professor of Art

Major: BFA Fine Art; BA Commercial Art


Honors Capstone Projects are archived in the Ashland University library.


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