Current Courses

Spring 2020


Section: REHON MW 1:00-2:40PM   Dr. Brian Mohney

This course relates real world applications of analytical chemistry to the investigation of crimes. The underlying chemistry and biochemistry involved in forensic analysis are addressed. Also, the exploration of scientific inquiry as it relates to developing hypotheses and providing proof of a crime based on chemical evidence is investigated. This course does not count toward any major in the natural sciences. Meets Core credit for natural sciences.

Brian Mohney

PSYC 101 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY I (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON  MWF 11:00-11:50AM  Dr. Mitchell Metzger

This course centers around the question, How do we explain human behavior? Inquiries are framed in the context of the major theoretical perspectives emergent from the sociohistorical evolution of psychology as a field of study. Behavior topics are examined by comparing and contrasting the assumptions, research methods, and conclusions embedded within the biological, psychoanalytical, behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, and sociocultural theories. Psychological inquiries also include evaluation of how these diverse approaches converge on questions about multiple influences on human behavior. Meets Core credit for social sciences.

Mitch Metzger

TH 214 ACTING FOR NON-MAJORS (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON  TTH 10:50AM-12:05PM  Robert Parker

This course is a study of acting as an art form. It emphasizes an acting process and skills utilized by the beginning actor. The approach to acting is grounded in contemporary acting theory and practice. Meets Core credit for aesthetics.

Robert Parker


Section: REHON MW 3:00-4:15PM Dr. Sue Dickson

An introductory exploration of historical developments, beliefs and practices in selected Eastern and Western world religious traditions. Since students will be introduced to methods for analyzing and interpreting sacred texts, college-level writing skills are required. Meets Core credit for Religion.

Sue Dickson

HON 310 Honors Capstone Preparation (One credit hour)

Section: REHON F 2:00-2:50PM Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer

Prerequisite:  Enrollment in Honors Program; at least junior status or with permission from the Honors Program Director

The process of preparing a Capstone Project, including selecting a topic, choosing mentors, preparing a bibliography, constructing a written prospectus and outlining a timetable for completing the Capstone Project. This course is required for all juniors who plan to complete an Honors Capstone Project their senior year. This course may be taken by conference if there is a scheduling conflict. Graded S/U.

Jeff Weidenhamer

HON 390 Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON   TTH 9:25-10:40AM  Instructors: Dr. David Aune and Dr. William Vaughan

Prerequisite: Enrollment in Honors Program; at least sophomore status.

A course devoted to various topics related to the Honors Program Mission of challenging the mind and participating in an intellectual community devoted to discussion and dialogue. Topics will be cross-disciplinary in nature, and the course may be team taught. Typically, the course will be tied to a study abroad opportunity in the spring semesters of odd-numbered years. May be repeated once with a different topic. Meets CCI credit when completing the course with the study away component and the corresponding CCI narrative.