Honors Program Spring Courses

Spring 2022

PHIL 350 Science as a Cultural Force: The Tobacco Wars (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON MW 8:30-9:45AM, MW   Dr. William Vaughan and Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer

Science as a Cultural Force is a course that has been taught at AU for more than 50 years, and originated in conversations between AU science faculty member Thomas Vanosdall and C.S. Lewis. Our focus for this semester will be the science and ethics of the tobacco wars. In the 1950's, a growing body of medical data began to convince public health authorities that tobacco use posed one fo the largest preventable health effects in human history. An estimated 100 million premature deaths in the 20th century are attributed to smoking. In response, tobacco companies responded with denail of the basic science. This course will explore the basic scientific and ethical questions behind the tobacco issue, as well as newer technologies such as vaping and smokeless tobacco products, and the consequences of science denial. Meets Core credit for humanities or natural sciences, but not both. 

REL 106 Exploring the Bible (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON TTH 9:25-10:40AM Dr. Tony Basham

An introductory study in which students gain an overview of the Bible, engage in literary analysis of Biblical texts and explore the Bible’s contemporary relevance. College-level writing skills are required. Meets Core credit for Religion.


MUS 226 Music in World Cultures (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON  TTH 10:50AM-12:05PM  Dr. Scott Garlock

There is no culture in the world that does not have music. Music can therefore help foster cross-cultural connections. In this course, we journey around the world, exploring the music of various non-Western and folk cultures. We explore the sound of this music, the setting in which it takes place, and the significance it holds for each culture. In the process, we not only broaden our enjoyment and understanding of a wide variety of music, but also deepen cross-cultural understanding through our shared use of music.. Meets Core credit for Aesthetics.


HON 390 Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar (3 credit hours)

Section: REHON  W 6:30-9PM  Instructors: Dr. Chris Burkett, Dr. Duncan Jamieson, and Dr. Bill Reinthal. 

Prerequisite: Enrollment in Honors Program with Sophomore status

Dr. Burkett, Dr. Jamieson, and Dr. Reinthal will teach segments on aspects of the history, environment and geology of the American southwest. As a reminder, this course is required for those planning to go on the trip to the American Southwest in May. Please note that if you don't plan to go on the trip, you may still take the course.


HON 310 Honors Capstone Preparation (One credit hour)

Section: REHON  M 5-5:50PM   Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer

Prerequisite:  Enrollment in Honors Program; at least junior status or with permission from the Honors Program Director

The process of preparing a Capstone Project, including selecting a topic, choosing mentors, preparing a bibliography, constructing a written prospectus and outlining a timetable for completing the Capstone Project. This course is required for all juniors who plan to complete an Honors Capstone Project their senior year. This course may be taken by conference if there is a scheduling conflict. Graded S/U.