Technology Fee


The Technology Fee was implemented to fund and refresh student technology, improve student life and learning, and classroom related programs. Technology Fee revenues are used for the direct benefit of students to assist in meeting student academic program educational objectives.


For the Student Technology Fee Policy, the term “technology” or “technologies” shall mean computer hardware and software, networking and supporting computer telecommunications infrastructure related to delivering student technology services. The Technology Fee is a positive way to improve technology accessibility for the benefit of Ashland University students.


The Technology Fee budget is maintained by Information Technology (IT); each year the fee schedule is recommended to and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Technology Fee expenditures are monitored and tracked on several levels throughout the year. The Department of Information Technology closely monitors expenditures for all purchases, and ensures these funds are appropriately directed.  Any new initiatives are reviewed and endorsed by the IT Governance Committee.  Finally, the Budget Review Team and Finance Department regularly reviews funding and expenditures related to the Technology Fee.

Revised: May 2, 2017