LearnAU Forms

Video Requests:

  • Online Course Video Request Form: Use the "Online Course Video Request Form" to request a series of video recordings for that is tied to a specific course. This would include course introductions, module introductions, and video lectures.
  • Video Production Request Form: Use the "Video Production Request Form" to request a Video recording for a general purpose not tied to a specific course. This would include promotional videos for programs and videos for a general website, for example.
  • Mediasite Request Form: Use the "Mediasite Request Form" to request a Mediasite recording using our Mediasite capture boxes.

Blackboard Requests:

  • Blackboard Training Registration: Use the "Blackboard Training Registration" form to sign up or request training.
  • Course Observer Access Request Form: Please complete the "Course Observer Access Request Form" to request observer access to Blackboard courses. NOTE: This form is for Provost, Dean, and Department Chair use only. 
  • Request for Blackboard External Account Form: Use the "Request for Blackboard External Account Form" to request access to your Blackboard course for guests that are not affiliated with Ashland University (e.g. guest speakers or external reviewers).


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