LearnAU Forms

Video Requests:

  • Video Production Request Form: Use the "Video Production Request Form" to request a Video recording. Please provide at least 10 business days advance notice for event filming.

Blackboard Requests:

  • Blackboard Training Registration: Use the "Blackboard Training Registration" form to sign up or request training.
  • Blackboard Course Incomplete Request: Use the "Blackboard Course Incomplete Request" form to request that a course site remain available to students working on an incomplete.
  • Course Observer Access Request Form: Please complete the "Course Observer Access Request Form" to request observer access to Blackboard courses-- this form can be used by Chairs for any course in their department, Deans for any course in their College, and Faculty for any of their own courses to request access for others.
  • Request for Blackboard External Account Form: Use the "Request for Blackboard External Account Form" to request access to your Blackboard course for guests that are not affiliated with Ashland University (e.g. guest speakers or external reviewers).