Training Materials Index



  • 8-week Course Prep Countdown Tool [ Video | PDF ]
  • Intro:  Wait...  Where's AU's Login?  [ Video | PDF ]
    • First in our line of Bb Training tutorial, this is the first video to watch when you just want to know where Ashland University's Bb site is located. If you don't have time to watch any other video and you're new to the system, this has the information you need.
  • Blackboard Institution Home Page  [ Video | PDF ]
    • The landing page for Blackboard.
  • Blackboard Introduction Greeting [ Video | PDF ]
    • Greeting for Blackboard Introduction to Faculty Course
  • (Bb) The Landing Page: A Brief Introduction [ Video | PDF ]
    • Logging in to Ashland's Bb environment as well as a brief introduction into the modules, Global Navigation Menu, and On Demand Video Tutorials
  • Blackboard Course Menu Tour  [ Video | PDF ]
    • (Bb) Global Navigation Menu: A Brief Overview [ Video | PDF ]
      • In this video tutorial we take a look inside Bb's Global Navigation Menu and see how notifications, alerts, and warnings are populated and how we can use them to interact with our courses.
    • Blackboard Control Panel Tour [ Video | PDF ]
      • A basic tour of the Control Panel used by instructors inside a Blackboard course.
    • Course Development Introduction [ Video | PDF ]
      • (Bb) The Course Menu: An Introduction [ Video | PDF ]
        • Bb's Course Menu allows you to navigate your course... as long as you know how to use it. This quick and easy introduction shows you some key features and explains some of the options and tools.
      • (Bb) A Brief Introduction: MyCourses (The Module) [ Video | PDF ]
        • Sometimes you have too many courses to sort through, or they linger too long and you wish you could hide them. This video tutorial gives you a quick tip on how to clean up your MyCourses module on the Landing Page, or, better yet, see the information you really want to see.
      • Guide Blackboard Overview of Course Environment  [ Video  | PDF ]
        • Using BlackBoard Learn Manual 9.1 [Video | PDF ]
        • Beginning BlackBoard [Video | PDF ]
        • Learn AU BlackBoard Basics [Video | PDF ]
        • Introduction to Blackboard Finding your course [Video | PDF ]
        • Introduction to Blackboard editing the course menu [Video | PDF ]
        • Introduction to BlackBoard Finding your course [Video | PDF ]
        • Introduction to BlackBoard Content Editor [Video | PDF ]
        • Introduction to BlackBoard Customizing your profile [Video | PDF ]
        • Navigating BlackBoard [Video | PDF ]
        • Getting started with course environment BBLearn [Video | PDF ]


        • Creating Assignment Grading Options [ Video | PDF ]
          • Guide Blackboard Grade Center Making grades visible and invisible to students [ Video | PDF]
            • Guide Blackboard Grading Assignments [ Video | PDF ]
              • (Bb) Grade Center: Column Organization [ Video | PDF ]
                • As you add new columns in Grade Center or create items that automatically populate into Grade Center, you will probably want to organize Grade Center for your sake as well as the students'. This video explains the process of organizing your Grade Center Columns.
              • (Bb) Grade Center: Manually Creating Columns [ Video | PDF ]
                • If you are in need of manually creating columns in Bb's Grade Center, this video will take you through the steps and options available to you.  
              • (Bb) Rubrics: Creating Rubrics [ Video | PDF ]
                • This tutorial walks you through where to find rubrics that may have come in from a course copy, and how to create new rubrics, and associate both to specific assessments.
              • Guide Blackboard Sharing rubrics between classes [ Video | PDF ]
                • (Bb) Rubrics: Grading with Rubrics [ Video | PDF ]
                  • Using rubrics to grade in Bb is a great way to simplify and keep grading consistent. In this tutorial you will see how you can use rubrics to grade, and how students see those items graded with rubrics.
                • (Bb) Grade Center: Inline Grading [ Video | PDF ]
                  • Tired of wasting paper, printing out assignments to mark up with feedback, or time, downloading and uploading files with all of your markups? Using Inline Grading allows you to do all the corrections and feedback with so much less effort. Use Inline Grading to seamlessly grade and still give the students the type of response on their work they so richly deserve (good or bad)
                • (Bb) Grade Center: Weighting Grades [ Video | PDF ]
                  • If your course is built around weighted totals instead of a straight accumulative scoring of all assignments, then you will want to watch this video on how to set up categories, assign those categories to assessments, and then set up your Weighted Total column in Blackboard's Grade Center.
                • Guide Blackboard Grade Center Renaming Columns [ Video | PDF ]
                  • Learn AU Safeassign :Direct Submit [Video | PDF ]
                  • Learn AU Saving a Grade report [Video | PDF ]

                  Course Management

                  • (Bb) Course Management: Creating Announcements [ Video | PDF ]
                    • A quick and easy explanation of announcements, how to post them, and best practices to manage them
                  • (Bb) Course Management: Creating Announcements [ Video | PDF ]
                    • An quick and easy explanation of announcements, how to post them, and best practices to manage them.
                  • (Bb) The Course Menu: The + (adding items) [ Video | PDF ]
                    • A more in-depth look at Bb's Course Menu, this tutorial identifies each type of menu item, explains what it usage, and demonstrates how you might want to utilize it. A Bonus for sticking all the way through one of our longer tutorials: changing the course entry point.
                  • (Bb) Course Management: Changing the Entry Point [ Video | PDF ]
                    • What if you don't like the default entry point of your course? It's merely a suggestion. Let us show you in this tutorial how you can change it to better suit your needs.
                  • (Bb) Course Management: Edit Mode [ Video | PDF ]
                    • Don't understand why you can't add anything to your course? Don't fret. It may just be a quick push of the Edit Mode button. But, wait. What's the difference between the Edit Mode button and the Student Preview? Hopefully, this video will answer all your questions.
                  • (Bb) Course Management: Course Email [ Video | PDF ]
                    • For those new to Bb, Course Email can be a little confusing, especially if you're used to something else. In this video tutorial we break down the basics.
                  • (Bb) Course Management: Posting a Syllabus [ Video | PDF ]
                    • In this training video we show you how to post your syllabus into your Bb course.
                  • (Bb) Course Management: Course Availability [ Video | PDF ]
                    • Want to know how to make your course available prior to it automatically becoming available based on the dates determined by the Registrar's Office? Well... watch this to learn how.
                  • Guide Blackboard General Course Customization [ Video | PDF ]
                    • Guide Blackboard Content Editor [ Video | PDF ]
                      • Guide Blackboard Creating Learning Modules [ Video | PDF ]
                        • Guide Blackboard Course Organization Overview [ Video | PDF ]
                          • Guide Blackboard Creating Folders and Moving Files [ Video | PDF ]
                            • Guide Blackboard Course Menu Customization [ Video | PDF ]
                              • Blackboard guide items and blank pages [ Video | PDF ]
                                • Guide Blackboard Files [ Video | PDF ]
                                  • Blackboard Guide importing question pools [ Video | PDF ]
                                    • Guide Blackboard Exporting and Importing Tests [ Video | PDF ]
                                      • Guide Blackboard Audio Images and Videos [ Video | PDF ]
                                        • Guide blackboard links and course links [ Video | PDF ]
                                          • (Bb) Content Management: Adding YouTube Videos to Content [ Video | PDF ]
                                            • There are many ways to add video content to the content areas in Bb. This video shows some ways in which you are familiar and compares that with embedding the videos directly into the content editor. Don't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds.
                                          • Guide Blackboard Syllabus Tool [ Video | PDF ]
                                            • Guide Blackboard Adding Content Overview [ Video | PDF ]
                                              • Organizing Copied Content in your New Course Shell Bb Default Menu [ Video | PDF ]
                                                • Now that you have copied your course content into your Spring 2016 course shell, it is now time to organize your content into the myAU Course Menu that is provided with these course shells. This video will provide you with a demonstration of how to do this.
                                              • Guide Blackboard Course Mergers [ Video | PDF ]
                                                • Guide Blackboard Export Question Pool and separate question sets [ Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Adding Assignments [ Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Accessing Discussions and Managing Posts [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Learn AU Viewing Test Feedback [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Accessing Course Evaluations [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • View/Print Entire discussion forum thread [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Adding content Files [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Adding content to your course items and blank page [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Adding content web links & course links [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Assessing the core assessment bins [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Guide to evaluations Creating a survey [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Online attendance in Blackboard [Video | PDF ]
                                                  • Learn AU Managing users in your organization's [Video | PDF ]


                                                  • (Bb) Global Navigation Menu: Adding My Profile Image [ Video | PDF ]
                                                    • UPDATE: Blackboard has implemented some changes to the profile editing process since this video was made.
                                                  • Guide Blackboard Customizing Your Profile [ Video | PDF ]


                                                    • BB Collaborate SAS: Creating the session [Video | PDF ]
                                                    • BB Collaborate SAS:LOGIN & Manage profile [Video | PDF ]
                                                    • BB Collaborate SAS: Managing a created Session's setting [ Video | PDF ]
                                                    • Guide Blackboard Collaborate for Students [ Video | PDF ]
                                                      • Guide Blackboard Collaborate [ Video | PDF ]
                                                        • Guide Blackboard Collaborate Introduction for the Professor [ Video | PDF ]
                                                          • Getting started with Blackboard collaborate [Video | PDF ]
                                                          • Using collaborate in AU classrooms with Built in cameras [VIdeo | PDF ]
                                                          • Getting started with Blackboard collaborate [Video | PDF ]



                                                            • Guide Bb Date Manager [ Video | PDF ]
                                                              • Course Copy [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                • In this Bb video tutorial we cover the process of copying either an entire course into another course shell or specific items into other content areas.
                                                              • Guide Blackboard Peer and Self Evaluations [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                • Retaining My Copied Menu [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                  • This video demonstrates the process for maintaining a copied course menu in the Spring 2016 course shells and removing the myAU course menu that is provided as a default menu.
                                                                • Guide Blackboard Using Student Preview Mode [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                  • Guide Blackboard Cleaning Your Listing of Courses [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                    • Blackboard Course Example by Jason Coale [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                      • Guide Blackboard Editing Your Course Menu [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                        • Guide Blackboard Finding Your Course [ Video | PDF ]



                                                                          • Getting Started with Kaltura [PDF ]
                                                                          • Managing My Media in Kaltura [PDF ]


                                                                          Lockdown Browser and Monitor

                                                                          • Preparing an Exam for Use with LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor [Video ]
                                                                          • Lockdown Browser and Monitor Quick Start Guide [PDF ]
                                                                          • Lockdown Browser and Monitor Instructor Resources [Video | PDF ]

                                                                          Respondus 4.0 Test Generator

                                                                          • Demonstation Videos [Video ]
                                                                          • Register for Webinars [Link ]
                                                                          • Respondus QuickStart Guide [ PDF ]
                                                                          • Respondus QuickStart Guide (For Blackboard) [ DOC ]

                                                                          Other Materials


                                                                          • Learn AU Ashland Gmail Handout [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn AU Google Calendar Handout [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn AU Google Docs/ Drive training [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn AU Google Docs/ Drive training [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn AU Google Forms Training [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Ashland University Google Hangouts on Air [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn AU Google Hangouts Hangout [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn AU Google Presentation Training [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Gmail Basic Tutorials [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Contact's Google Apps [VIdeo | PDF ]
                                                                          • Gmail: SIgnatures , labels and filters [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Google calendar [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Google chrome tutorial [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Google Drive tutorial [Video | PDF ]

                                                                          My AU

                                                                          • myAU Course Menu Faculty Sneak Peek  [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                            • Brief introduction to the myAU Course Menu that will accompany the release of the Spring 2016 course shells for AU Faculty.
                                                                            • myAU Course Menu: A Closer Look  [ Video | PDF ]  
                                                                              • Are you looking to get a closer look at the myAU Course Menu that is being included with the Spring 2016 Course Shells? Angela Titheradge, Learn Content Developer, provides you with a more in-depth walkthrough of this menu.
                                                                              • Organizing a Custom Course Menu into the myAU Menu [ Video | PDF ]
                                                                                • Do you want to figure out how to organize a customized course menu from the fall into the myAU Course Menu that was provided as the default menu for the Spring 2016 course shells? This video will provide a brief overview for how to do this!


                                                                          • Microsoft Office Access [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • Excel start guide [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • One note start guide [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • Outlook start guide [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • PowerPoint start guide [Video | PDF]
                                                                          • Project start guide  [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • Publisher start guide  [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • Visio start guide [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • MS-Word Start Guide [Video| PDF]


                                                                          • Ashland University ITLM Portal Guide [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • MY AU Portal Training [Video| PDF]
                                                                          • MY AU Portal Training: Navigating Developing and Publishing [Video | PDF]
                                                                          • Learn AU Prezi Presentation Handout [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn AU Completing and signing a PDF Form [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Learn Au Wikispaces Handout [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Creating a Youtube Education Account [Video | PDF]
                                                                          • Ashland University ITLM Youtube Education Account Creation [Video | PDF]
                                                                          • Drupal Training [Video | PDF ]
                                                                          • Web Page style manual [ Video | PDF ]


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