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A proteome map of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) lens reveals similarities between zebrafish and mammalian crystallin expression Mason, Posner Molecular Vision. 14:806-814 Posner, M., M. Hawke, C. LaCava, C.J. Prince, N.R. Bellanco and R.W. Corbin
Alasdair MacIntyre's Hermeneutics of Tradition Hovey, Craig The Hermeneutics of Tradition: Explorations and Examinations
The Other Side: The Caribbean Slave Trade as Foreground for the Neoliberal Tourist Industry Walters, Howard Journal of the Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture p49
"Born from Restlessness": A Conversation with Rayda Jacobs Lehman, Daniel W. WORLD LITERATURE TODAY 2010, Vol 84, Iss 6, pp 13-16
"I am…": An Exercise in Self-Concept Randall-Griffiths, Deleasa Communication in the Classroom: A Collection of GIFTS Edited by John Seiter,Jennifer Peeples,and Matthew Sanders
'With Myriad Subtleties': Paul Laurence Dunbar's Constructions of Social Identity in The Sport of the Gods Waterman, Jayne E. Essay in: WE WEAR THE MASK: PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR AND THE POLITICS OF REPRESENTATIVE REALITY, pp 230-241
(OUT)siders at the gate: administrative aspirants' attitudes towards the gay community Alston, Judy International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning, 2006, Vol 10 Tooms A; Alston JA
21 Years with the Dabrowski Theory: An Autoethnograpy Piirto, Jane ADVANCED DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL 2010, Vol. 12, pp 70-95
25 Years of tax-law changes ind investor response Skinner, David JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL RESEARCH 1993, Vol 16, Iss 1, pp 61-70
9-11, Sputnik, Pearl Harbor lessons learned about the American people Sikula, John ETHICS AND CRITICAL THINKING JOURNAL 2003, Vol 2003, Iss 3, pp 1-7
A biblical and contemporary model of ministry Colijn, Brenda ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 1995, Vol 27, pp 1-14
A Biblical theology of women in leadership Colijn, Brenda ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 2002, Vol 34, pp 67-80
A C-13 INADEQUATE and HF-GIAO study of C60H2 and C60H6 identification of ring currents in a 1,2-dihydrofullerene Bergosh, Robert JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2002, Vol124, Iss 27, pp 8090-8094 Meier MS; Spielmann HP; Bergosh RG; Haddon RC
A change of pace and place: middle school students and the outdoors Broda, Herbert JOURNAL OF THE NEW ENGLAND LEAGUE OF MIDDLE SCHOOLS , 2002, Vol 15, Iss 1, pp 31-33
A circadian oscillator in Aspergillus spp. regulates daily development and gene expression Greene, Andrew EUKARYOTIC CELL 2003, Vol 2; Iss 2, pp 231-237 Greene AV; Keller N; Haas H; Bell-Pederson D
A collaborative model for evaluation of educational clinical perceptorships Patton, June NURSING CONNECTIONS 1994, Vol 7, Iss 1, pp 45-54 Patton, JG; Dowd T
A comparative view of alpha crystallin chaperone function in the vertebrate lens. Posner, Mason INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY 2002, Vol 42, Iss 6, pp 1296-1296 Posner M; Horwitz J
A comparative view of alpha crystallins: the contribution of comparative studies to understanding function Posner, Mason INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY 2003, Vol 43, Iss 4, pp 481-491
A comparison of Dabrowski's overexcitabilites by gender for American and Korean high school gifted students Piirto, Jane HIGH ABILITY STUDIES 2008, Vol 19, Iss 2, pp 141-153 Piirto J; Montgomery D; May J
A comparison of infrared and ultraviolet circular dichroism measures of apomyoglobin protein folding states Mohney, Brian In: PROC. ICORS XV 1996, WILEY, NEW YORK Mohney, BK; Uvarova V; Walker, GC
A comparison of retail growth in urban and rural counties in Indiana McGurr, Paul Purdue Retailer 1998, Vol 42, Iss Spring, pp 3-4. McGurr PT; DeVaney SA
A Concordance to the Poetry of William Carlos Williams Gable, Craig
A convolution of middle binomial coefficients Swanson, Christopher American Mathematical Monthly 2003, Vol 110, Iss 10, pp 958-959 Swanson, CN; Schilling K
A different approach to creativity enhancement. Piirto, Jane TEMPO 1999, Vol 3, Iss 1
A different approach to teaching creativity Piirto, Jane TEXAS ASSOCIATION FOR THE GIFTED NEWSLETTER, SUMMER ISSUE
A few thoughts on actors Piirto, Jane SPOTLIGHT: NEWSLETTER OF THE VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS 1994, PP 1-2
A Gender Drama in American Football Culture: The Case of the Coach Tucker, Diane FOOTBALL STUDIES 2001, Vol 4. Iss 2, pp 58-76
A Generalization of Quasi-Hereditary Rings Wick, Darren COMMUNICATIONS IN ALGEBRA 1996, Vol 24, Iss 4, pp 1217-1227
A Geography of movement Haven, Stephen AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW 1995, Vol 24, Iss 5, pp 48-48
A gleam of shining hope : the story of theological education and Christian witness at Ashland Theological Seminary (1906-2006) and Ashland College/University (1878-2006) Stoffer, Dale View full record