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Faculty Publications Database

Faculty Author Source Authors
A proteome map of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) lens reveals similarities between zebrafish and mammalian crystallin expression Mason, Posner Molecular Vision. 14:806-814 Posner, M., M. Hawke, C. LaCava, C.J. Prince, N.R. Bellanco and R.W. Corbin
Alasdair MacIntyre's Hermeneutics of Tradition Hovey, Craig The Hermeneutics of Tradition: Explorations and Examinations
Amy Klinger on School Safety and Crisis Response Klinger, Amy C-SPAN
Does Glo-Bus© strategy simulation demonstrate Novak’s learning theory? Schmeller, Rebecca Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning, Volume 47.
Resurrection of the Wild: Meditations on Ohio's Natural Landscape Fleming, Deborah The Kent State University Press
The Other Side: The Caribbean Slave Trade as Foreground for the Neoliberal Tourist Industry Walters, Howard Journal of the Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture p49
Writing a Letter to the Editor: Tips for Success Owens, Jacqueline K. Nurse Author & Editor, Sep2020; 30(3): 1-7. (7p)
"Born from Restlessness": A Conversation with Rayda Jacobs Lehman, Daniel W. World Literature Today 2010, Vol 84, Iss 6, pp 13-16
"I am…": An Exercise in Self-Concept Randall-Griffiths, Deleasa Communication in the Classroom: A Collection of Gifts Edited by John Seiter,Jennifer Peeples,and Matthew Sanders
'...And not a drop to drink': the story of David's thirst in the Jewish scriptures, Josephus, and 4 Maccabees deSilva, David Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha, 16 no 1 Sep 2006, p 15-40
'Let the One Who Claims Honor Establish That Claim in the Lord': Honor Discourse in the Corinthian Correspondence deSilva, David Biblical Theology Bulletin, 28 no 2 Sum 1998, p 61-74
'The Feast in the Text': Lancelot Andrewes on the Task and Art of Preaching deSilva, David Anglican Theological Review, 76 no 1 Wint 1994, p 9-26
'With Myriad Subtleties': Paul Laurence Dunbar's Constructions of Social Identity in The Sport of the Gods Waterman, Jayne E. Essay in: We Wear the Mask: Paul Laurence Dunbar and the Politics of Representative Reality, pp 230-241
'Worthy of His Kingdom': Honor Discourse and Social Engineering in 1 Thessalonians deSilva, David Journal for the Study of the New Testament, 19 no 64 Apr 1997, p 49-79
(OUT)siders at the gate: administrative aspirants' attitudes towards the gay community Alston, Judy International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning, 2006, Vol 10 Tooms A; Alston JA
1 Peter: strategies for counseling individuals on the way to a new heritage deSilva, David Ashland Theological Journal, 32 2000, p 33-52
21 Years with the Dabrowski Theory: An Autoethnograpy Piirto, Jane Advanced Development Journal 2010, Vol. 12, pp 70-95
25 Years of tax-law changes ind investor response Skinner, David Journal of Financial Research 1993, Vol 16, Iss 1, pp 61-70
3 and 4 Maccabees deSilva, David p. 661-666 IN C. A. Evans and S. Porter, eds. Dictionary of New Testament Backgrounds (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2000)
4 Maccabees DeSilva, David Sheffield, England : Sheffield Academic Press. 1998
4 Maccabees deSilva, David p. 888-901 IN J. D. G. Dunn and J. W. Rogerson, eds., Eerdmans commentary on the Bible (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2003
4 Maccabees: Introduction and Commentary on the Greek Text of Codex Sinaiticus deSilva, David LXX Commentary Series; Leiden: Brill, 2006
50 Ways to Leave Your Muse Held, Joy Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance Writers, 20 Aug. 2020
7 lessons to become a better leader Granot, Elod Columbus Business First magazine
9-11, Sputnik, Pearl Harbor lessons learned about the American people Sikula, John Ethics and Critical Thinking Journal, 2003, Vol 2003, Iss 3, pp 1-7
A biblical and contemporary model of ministry Colijn, Brenda Ashland Theological Journal, 1995, Vol 27, pp 1-14
A Biblical theology of women in leadership Colijn, Brenda Ashland Theological Journal, 2002, Vol 34, pp 67-80
A Bibliometric Analysis of Articles Identified by Editors as Representing Excellence in Nursing Publication: Replication and Extension Owens, Jacqueline K. Journal of Advanced Nursing (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) May2020; 76(5): 1247-1254. (8p) Nicoll, L., M. Oermann, H. Carter‐Templeton; J. Owens, and A. Edie
A C-13 INADEQUATE and HF-GIAO study of C60H2 and C60H6 identification of ring currents in a 1,2-dihydrofullerene Bergosh, Robert Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2002, Vol124, Iss 27, pp 8090-8094 Meier MS; Spielmann HP; Bergosh RG; Haddon RC
A change of pace and place: middle school students and the outdoors Broda, Herbert Journal of the New England League of Middle Schools, 2002, Vol 15, Iss 1, pp 31-33