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Despising shame : honor discourse and community maintenance in the Epistle to the Hebrews DeSilva, David View full record
Despising shame: a cultural-anthropological investigation of the Epistle to the Hebrews DeSilva, David JOURNAL OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE 1994, Vol 113, pp 439-462
Despising shame: honor discourse and community maintenance in the Epistle to the Hebrews DeSilva, David View full record
Detecting Deceptive Communication Through Computer-Mediated Technology: Applying Interpersonal Deception Theory to Texting Behavior Rodriguez, Dariela Communication Research Reports. Oct2013, Vol. 30 Issue 4 Wise, Megan; Rodriguez, Dariela
Detours in philosophy Vaughan, William view full record
Developing employee capital : setting the stage for lifelong learning Kalamas, Joan View full record
Developing future teachers: Working together across diverse contexts Schmidt-Rinehart, Barbara In: BUILDING COMMUNTY THROUGH LANGUAGE LEARNING 1997, DI DONATO R (ED) LINCOLNWOOD, IL, NATIONAL TEXTBOOK Wilburn RD; Schmidt-Rinehart BC; Knight S
Developing future teachers: Working together across diverse contexts Schmidt-Rinehart, Barbara Chapter in: BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH LANGUAGE LEARNING Wilburn Robinson D; Schmidt-Rinehart B; Knight S
Developing teams: good news for teachers Kommer, David Chapter in: Affirming middle grades education
Developing the knowledge base of new tax professionals Schloemer, Paul CPA JOURNAL 2001, Vol 71, Iss 3, pp 47-51 Schloemer P; Samelson D
Development of a replication-deficient recombinant vaccinia virus vaccine effective against parainfluenza virus 3 infection in an animal model Shors, Scott VACCINE 1996, Vol 14, Iss 15, pp 1451-1458 Wyatt LS; Shors ST; Murphy BR; Moss B
Developmental hazard assessment with fetax aerobic metabolites in bacterial transformation of naphthalene Dawson, Douglas BULLETIN OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY 1995, Vol 54, Iss 5, pp 662-667 SCHULTZ TW; DAWSON DA
Developmental toxicity of carboxylic acids to Xenopus embryos: A quantitative structure-activity relationship and computer-automated structure evaluation Dawson, Douglas TERATOGENESIS CARCINOGENESIS AND MUTAGENESIS 1996, Vol 16, Iss 2, pp 109-124 Dawson DA; Schultz TW; Hunter RS
Deviations from Expected Stakeholder Management, Firm Value, and Corporate Governance Wang, Hongxia Financial Management. Spring2011, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p39-81 Bradley W. Benson, Wallace N. Davidson III, Hongxia Wang, Dan L. Worrell
Diaries, logs and journals in the elementary classroom Walley, Carl CHILDHOOD EDUCATION 1991, Vol 67, Iss 3, pp 149-152
Dictionary of the Old Testament : Pentateuch Baker, David View full record
Did the sage draw from the shema? A study of Proverbs 3: 1-12 Overland, Paul CATHOLIC BIBLICAL QUARTERLY 2000, July, pp 424-440
Differences in Academic Success Between Male and Female Student-Athletes: An Exploratory Study Milton, Paul R. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPORT MANAGEMENT 2010, Vol 11, Iss 4, pp 602-608 Gottschalk, Rhonda
Differences in nutrient limitation and grazer suppression of phytoplankton in seepage and drainage lakes of the Adirondack region, NY, USA Saunders, Patricia FRESHWATER BIOLOGY 2000, Vol 43, Iss 3, pp 391-407 Saunders PA; Shaw WH; Bukaveckas PA
Differential effects of transformation on facial recognition in young children: A pilot study Metzger, Mitchell PERCEPTUAL & MOTOR SKILLS 1999, Vol 89, Iss 3, pp 799-808
Dike, Moira, Bios and the limits to understanding in Solon, 13 (West) Lewis, John Dike, 2001, Vol 4, pp 113-135
Dimensions of psychological capital in a US suburb and high school: Identities for neoliberal times Lynch, Jill ANTHROPOLOGY & EDUCATION QUARTERLY 2008, Vol 39, Iss 3, pp 270-292 Demerath P; Lynch J; Davidson M
Disability matters : legal and pedagogical issues of disability in education Bowman, Cynthia View full record
Disaster evacuation for persons with special needs: A content analysis of information on YouTube Owens, Jacqueline K. Applied Nursing Research, 2013 Nov; 26 (4): 273-5 Owens, Jacqueline K.; Stidham, Andrea Warner; Owens, Elizabeth L.
Discovering new neuropeptides using single-cell mass spectrometry Corbin, Rebecca TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2003, Vol 22, Iss 9, pp 515-521 Hummon AB; Sweedler JV; Corbin RW
Discrete and polymeric self-assembled dendrimers: Hydrogen bond-mediated assembly with high stability and high fidelity Corbin, Perry PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2002, Vol 99, Iss 8, pp 5099-5104 Corbin PS; Lawless LJ; Li ZT; Ma YG; Witmer MJ; Zimmerman SC
Dissolving metal reductions of fullerenes Bergosh, Robert JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 1997, Vol 62, Iss 22, pp 7667-7672 Bergosh RG; Meier MS; Cooke JAL; Spielmann HP; Weedon BR
Distinguishing resource competition and chemical interference: Overcoming the methodological impasse Weidenhamer, Jeffrey AGRONOMY JOURNAL 1996, Vol 88, Iss 6, pp 866-875
Diterpenes from Chrysoma-Pauciflosculosa - effects on Florida Sandhill species Weidenhamer, Jeffrey PHYTOCHEMISTRY 1993, Vol 34, Iss 1, pp 97-105 MENELAOU MA; WEIDENHAMER JD; WILLIAMSON GB; FRONCZEK FR; FISCHER HD; QUIJANO L; FISCHER NH
Documenting life narratives as digital video: anchoring instruction to student documentaries to reduce stigma on campus Abreu-Ellis, Carla INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY, KNOWLEDGE AND SOCIETY 2006, Vol 2, Iss 5, pp 75-82 Ellis, JB; Abreu-Ellis, C