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Egg-laying hormone peptides in the Aplysiidae family Corbin, Rebecca JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY 1999, Vol 202, Iss 21, pp 2961-2973 Li LJ; Garden-Corbin RW; Floyd PD; Moroz TP; Gleeson JM; Sweedler JV; Pasa-Tolic L; Smith RD
Elastic and inelastic scattering of K+ from 6Li and 12C Michael, Rodney NUCLEAR PHYSICS A 1997, Vol 625 p 251 Chrien RE; Sawafta R; Peterson RJ; Michael RA; Hungerford EV
Elective performance enhancement surgery for athletes: should it be resisted? Hamilton, Mark GYMNICA
Electronic monitoring: Saving jail space and protecting the community 2004, Iss Sept Spellman, Jeffrey JOURNAL OF OFFENDER MONITORING
Electronic test generators: what current programs can do for teachers Fiore, Douglas J. Clearing House; July/August 1993, Vol. 66, p356-362 Vockell, Edward L.
Elements of the theory of numbers Dence, Thomas View full record
Ella Fitzgerald Piirto, Jane Entry in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CREATIVITY (2nd ed.)
Embodying the word: sociological exegesis of the New Testament DeSilva, David Chapter in: THE FACE OF NEW TESTAMENT STUDIES 2004
Empowerment at the Tower: Leadership and Identity in Higher Education Silverberg, David Series: Changing the Light Bulb
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment Thompson, C. Bradley View full record
Enhancing creativity of gifted children: a guide for parents and teachers Piirto, Jane HIGH ABILITY STUDIES 2001, Vol 12, Iss 2, pp 252-255
Enhancing the clinical experience through journal writing Patton, June JOURNAL OF NURSING EDUCATION 1997, Vol 36, Iss 5, pp 238-240 Patton JG; Woods SJ; Agarenzo T; Brubaker C; Metcalf T; Sherrer L
Enhancing the homestay: Study abroad from the host family Schmidt-Rinehart, Barbara FOREIGN LANGUAGE ANNALS 2002, Vol 35, Iss 2, pp 190-201 Knight SM; Schmidt-Rinehart BC
Enhancing the homestay: Study abroad from the host family perspective Schmidt-Rinehart, Barbara FOREIGN LANGUAGE ANNALS 2002, Vol 30, Iss 2 Schmidt-Rinehart BC; Knight S
Entertainment law Strode, James JOURNAL OF SPORT MANAGEMENT 2007, Vol 21, Iss 4, pp 601-603
Entries in series Jamieson, Duncan Great Events from History: American Series Edited: Frank N. Magill.
Environmental projects in the quantitative analysis lab Weidenhamer, Jeffrey JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL EDUCATION 1997, Vol 74, Iss 12, pp 1437-1440
Environmental research projects in the qualitative analysis lab Weidenhamer, Jeffrey ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1994, Vol 207, pp 388-CHED
Essays on Heidegger and European philosophy : meridian of thinking Vaughan, William View full record
Eulers function in residue classes Dence, Thomas RAMANUJAN JOURNAL 1998, Vol 2, Iss 1-2, pp 7-20 Dence T; Pomerance C
Evaluating minority retention programs: Problems encountered and lessons learned from the Ohio science and engineering alliance White, Jeffry EVALUATION AND PROGRAM PLANNING 2008, Vol 31, Iss 3, pp 277-283 White JL; Altschuld JW; Lee YF
Evaluation of consistency for multiple experiments of a single combination in the time-dependence mixture toxicity assay Dawson, Doug A. Toxicology Mechanisms & Methods. Nov2017, Vol. 27 Issue 9, p707-716. 10p. 4 Charts, 3 Graphs Doug Dawson and Gerald Poch
Evaluation of dose-response curve analysis in delineating shared or different molecular sites of action for osteolathyrogens Dawson, Douglas Environmental Toxicology and Pharmocology, 2004, Vol 16, Iss 1-2, pp 13-23 Dawson DA; Scott BD; Ellenberger MJ; Poch G; Rinaldi AC
Evaluation of Mixtures Containing alpha-Halogenated Acetonitriles Dawson, Douglas ARCHIVES OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY 2010, Vol 59, pp 532-541 Jeyaratnam, J; Mooneyham, T; Poch, G; Schultz, T.W.
Every day is game day Randall-Griffiths, Deleasa Casing Sport Communication, ed. Diana Tucker and Jason Wrench. Kendall Hunt, 2016?
Every promise fulfilled : contesting plots in Joshua Hawk, L Daniel View full record
Evidence Does not Support a Role for Gallic Acid in Phragmites australis Invasion Success Posner, Mason Journal of Chemical Ecology, Volume 39, issue 2 Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer, Mei Li, Joshua Allman, Robert G. Bergosh, Mason Posner
Evidence of recycling of lead battery waste into highly leaded jewelry Clement, Michael CHEMOSPHERE 2007, Vol 69, Iss 10, pp 1670-1672 Weidenhamer JD; Clement ML
Evidence of recycling of lead battery waste into highly leaded jewelry Weidenhamer, Jeffrey CHEMOSPHERE 2007, Vol 69, Iss 10, pp 1670-1672 Weidenhamer JD; Clement ML
Exalt him! : designing dynamic worship services Wardle, Terry View full record