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Faculty Author Source Authors
Pascal's triangle and the generalized Koch snowflakes Dence, Thomas MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER EDUCATION 2000, Vol 34 pp 245-254
Pattern busting Dence, Thomas MATHEMATICS TEACHER 2004, Iss Nov. pp 254-259
Patterns of retail change: a comparison of Indiana metropolitan and nonmetropolitan counties 1972 - 1992 McGurr, Paul JOURNAL OF REGIONAL POLICY AND ANALYSIS 1996, Vol 26, Iss 2, pp 35-48 McGurr PT; DeVaney SA
Paul and the background of slavery: the status quaestionis in New Testament Scholarship Byron, John CURRENTS IN BIBLICAL RESEARCH 2004, Vol 3, Iss 1, pp 121-145
Paul and the Macedonians: the life and letters of Paul DeSilva, David View full record
Paul's Use of the 'In Christ' Formula Colijn, Brenda ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 1991, Vol 23, pp 9-26
Peasant Woman in Gascony (poem) Fleming, Deborah Bryant Literary Review 19 (2918): 55-57
Perceptions of Canadian native and non-native teachers on assessment and special education service delivery Abreu-Ellis, Carla THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEARNING 2007, Vol 14, Iss 1
Performance outcome models in healthcare marketing. White, Jeffry HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION (2001), Vol 7, pp 6-9
Perseids (poem) Fleming, Deborah Bryant Literary Review 19 (2918): 55-57
Perseverance in gratitude : a socio-rhetorical commentary on the Epistle "to the Hebrews" DeSilva, David View full record
Persistence of interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics: a minority retention study White, Jeffry JOURNAL OF WOMEN AND MINORITIES IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2006, Vol 12, Iss 1, pp 47-64 White JL, Altschuld JW, Lee, Y-F
Personality, expectancy and hypnotizability Metzger, Mitchell PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES 2005, Vol 39, Iss 1, pp 131-142 Silva C; Bridges KR; Metzger M
Phage Receptor Hyman, Paul Reference Module in Life Sciences
Phase III interlaboratory study of FETAX, part 2: Interlaboratory validation of an exogenous metabolic activation system for Frog Embryo Teratogenesis Assay - Xenopus (FETAX) Dawson, Douglas DRUG AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY 1998, Vol 21, Iss 1, pp 1-14 Fort DJ; Stover EL; Bantle JA; Rayburn JR; Hull MA; Finch RA; Burton DT; Turley SD; Dawson DA; Linder G; Buchwalter D; Kumsher-King M; Gaudet-Hull AM
Philip II of Spain's divided strategy: Northern Europe and the Turk Saenz-Cambra, Concepcion MARE NOSTRUM 2004, Iss 115, pp 18-26
Phonics and word identification: instruction and intervention, K-8 Rycik, James view full record Rycik J; Rycik M
Phonics and word identification: instruction and intervention, K-8 Rycik, Mary View full record Rycik J; Rycik M
Photoinduced nitric oxide dynamics in proteins and peptides Mohney, Brian BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 1999, Vol 76, Iss 1, pp A112-A112 Leecharoen R; Mohney BK; Wang C; Walker GC
Phytoplankton ingestion by appendicularians in the North Water Saunders, Patricia DEEP SEA RESEARCH, Part II 2002, Vol 49, Iss 22-23, pp 5101-5115 Acuna, JL; D. Deibel, PA Saunders; BC Booth; EA Hatfield; B Klein; ZP Mei; R. Rivkin
Piccolo, a presynaptic zinc finger protein structurally related to Bassoon Fenster, Steven NEURON 2000, Vol 25, pp 203-214 Fenster SD; Chung WJ; Zhai R; Cases-Langhoff C; Voss B; Garner AM; Kaempf U; Kindler S; Gundelfinger ED and Garner CC
Plain secrets : an outsider among the Amish Mackall, Joe
Planar cyclic difference packings Swanson, Christopher JOURNAL OF COMBINATORIAL DESIGNS 2000, Vol 8, Iss 6, pp 426-434
Plato's examination of the oligarchic soul in Book-VIII of the 'Republic' Sikkenga, Jeffrey HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT 2002, Vol 23, Iss 3, pp 377-400
Poetry Piirto, Jane Entry in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CREATIVITY (2nd ed.)
Policy Debate is Committing Rhetorical Suicide: Let's Save Lincoln Douglas O'Rourke, Dan ROSTRUM 2009, Vol 84, Iss 4, pp 17-19
Political culture and the origins of a party system in the Southern Ohio Valley: the case of early national Tennessee, 1796-1812 Ray, Kristofer OHIO VALLEY HISTORY 2004, Vol. 4, Iss 4,
Poly(methyl methacrylates) with ruthenium tris(bipyridine) cores via NiBr2(PR3)(2)-catalyzed atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) Corbin, Perry MACROMOLECULES 2000, Vol 33, Iss 20, pp 7404-7412 Johnson RM; Corbin PS; Ng C; Fraser CL
Popular culture Moser, John Entry in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN STUDIES