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Political culture and the origins of a party system in the Southern Ohio Valley: the case of early national Tennessee, 1796-1812 Ray, Kristofer OHIO VALLEY HISTORY 2004, Vol. 4, Iss 4,
Poly(methyl methacrylates) with ruthenium tris(bipyridine) cores via NiBr2(PR3)(2)-catalyzed atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) Corbin, Perry MACROMOLECULES 2000, Vol 33, Iss 20, pp 7404-7412 Johnson RM; Corbin PS; Ng C; Fraser CL
Popular culture Moser, John Entry in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN STUDIES
Population dynamics of Daphnia spp. and implications for trophic interactions in a small, monomictic lake Saunders, Patricia JOURNAL OF PLANKTON RESEARCH 1999, Vol 21, Iss 10, pp 1823-1845 Saunders PA; Porter KG; Taylor BE
Portrait of a freedman in the underground railroad museum near Canton, Ohio Fleming, Deborah COLERE (COE COLLEGE, IA) 2007, Iss 7, p 66
Positive school cultures: the importance of visible leaders Fiore , Douglas J. Contemporary Education; 2000, Vol. 71 Issue 2, p11-13
Possible thermal adaption in the small heat shock protein alpha a crystallin from Antarctic, temperate and tropical bony fish species Posner, Mason INTERGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY 2004, Vol 44, Iss 6, p. 623 Posner M; Smith A; Adams J; Kiss AJ; Cheng CHC
Post-secondary correctional education and recidivism: a meta-analysis of research conducted 1990-1999 Chappell, Cathryn JOURNAL OF CORRECTIONAL EDUCATION 2004, Vol 55, Iss 2, pp 148-169
Postmodern vision of time and learning - a response to the National Education Commission Report Prisoners of Time Slattery, Patrick HARVARD EDUCATIONAL REVIEW 1995, Vol 65, Iss 4, pp 612-633
Praying with John Wesley DeSilva, David View full record
Preaching to the black middle class : words of challenge, words of hope McMickle, Marvin View full record
Predicting business failure of retail firms: an analysis using mixed industry models McGurr, Paul JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH 1998, Vol 43, Iss 3, pp 169-176 McGurr PT; DeVaney SA
Predicting business failure of retail firms: an analysis using mixed industry models. McGurr, Paul JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH 1998, Vol 43, Iss 3, pp 169-176. McGurr PT; DeVaney SA
Predictive behaviors and crystallizing experiences in male college student artists Piirto, Jane SPOTLIGHT: NEWSLETTER OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIFTED CHILDREN VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP, 1995
Preface Waterman, Jayne E. MIDWESTERN MISCELLANY Spring/Fall 2010, Vol. 38, pp 69-84
Preparing computer science educators Ajwa, Iyad AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SECONDARY EDUCATION 2007, Vol 35, Iss 3, pp 54-62
Preparing for the worst: making a case for trauma training in the journalism classroom Dworznik, Gretchen JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION EDUCATOR 2007, Vol 62, Iss 2
Preparing men for caregiving and widowhood Moore, Alinde GERONTOLOGIST 2003, Vol 43, pp 242-242 Moore, A; Stratton D
Preparing men for caregiving and widowhood Stratton, Dorothy GERONTOLOGIST 2003, Vol 43, pp 242-242 Moore, A; Stratton D
Preparing minds: developing executives for success in the strategic planning process Pool, Steven DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING IN ORGANIZATIONS: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 2004, Vol 18, Iss 5
Preparing principals for new roles: advice from the field Edlefson, Carla MID-WESTERN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER 2000, Vol 13, Iss 4, pp 11-16
Preservation and freedom Fleming, Deborah ORGANIZATION AND ENVIRONMENT 2007, Vol 20, Iss 1, pp 106-109
Presidents from Hoover through Truman, 1929-1953 : debating the issues in pro and con primary documents Moser, John View full record
Prime rings with pivotal monomial x^n Swain, Gordon SOUTHEAST ASIA BULLETIN OF MATHEMATICS 1999, Vol 23, pp 201-203 Blau PS; Marindale WS; Swain G
Primitive Heredity Ideals Wick, Darren MISSOURI JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES 2001, Vol 13, Iss 1
Principals' perceptions of multicultural education and school climate Alston, Judy MULTICULTURAL LEARNING AND TEACHING 2006, Vol 1, Iss 1, pp 12-22 McCray CR; Alston JA; Beachum FD
Principles of biblical interpretation Colijn, Brenda BRETHREN EVANGELIST 1994, Vol 116, 9-10
Principles of toxicology Stine, Karen View full record
Principles of toxicology, 2d Ed. Stine, Karen View full record Stine K; Brown TM
Principles without program: Senator Robert A. Taft and American foreign policy Moser, John OHIO HISTORY 1999, Vol 108, Iss 2 pp 177-192