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Retrenchment in higher education: public perceptions and marketing implications McKnight, Oscar Proceedings of the Marketing Management Association. Spring2015, p125-132. McKnight, Oscar; Paugh, Ronald; Waltz, Jamie; McKnight, Jordan
Revelation 7:9-17: the innumerable crowd before the one upon the throne and the lamb Morton, Russell ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 2000, Vol 32, pp 1-11
Reverse engineering of NK boolean network and its extensions: fuzzy logic network Cao, Yingjun NEW MATHEMATICS AND NATURAL COMPUTATION 2007, Vol 3, Iss 1, pp 69-87 Cao Y; Wang P; Resconi G
Review of: Nussbaum MC, Women and Human Development (Cambridge UP) Lewis, John Roundtable, a Journal of the University of Chicago Law School, 2001, Vol 8, Iss 1, pp 215-237
Revolutionary constitutionalism in the thought of John Adams and the Marquis de Condorcet Thompson, C. Bradley JOURNAL OF THE EARLY REPUBLIC 1996, Vol 16, Iss 3, pp 361-387
Ribosomal DNA and rapd variation in the rare plant family Lactoridaceae Brauner, Soren AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY 1992, Vol 79, Iss 12, pp 1436-1439 BRAUNER S; CRAWFORD DJ; STUESSY TF
Right turn: John T. Flynn and the transformation of American liberalism Moser, John View full record
Río vertebral/ Vertebral River Rathbun, Jennifer Juan Armando Rojas Joo, Jennifer Rathbun (trans.)
Robert A. Heinlein and issues in American economics Rogers, Robert Chapter in: THE ECONOMIC MIND IN AMERICA: ESSAYS IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN ECONOMICS
Robinson Jeffers, W. B. Yeats, and Ecoprophecy Fleming, Deborah Jeffers Studies 16.1-2 (Spring & Fall 2012): 65-86
Rock shelters in the Lower Killbuck Valley, Holmes and Coshocton Counties, Ohio: 1982-1988 Brush, Nigel Chapter in: CAVES AND CULTURE: 10,000 YEARS OF OHIO HISTORY
Rogue River, Oregon (poem) Fleming, Deborah INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES IN LITERATURE AND ENVIRONMENT 2005, Vol 12, Iss 1, p 229
Role of the vaccinia virus E3L and K3L gene products in rescue of VSV and EMCV from the effects of IFN-alpha Shors, Scott JOURNAL OF INTERFERON AND CYTOKINE RESEARCH 1998, Vol 18, Iss 9, pp 721-729 Shors ST; Beattie E; Paoletti E; Tartaglia J; Jacobs BL
RPE at relative intensities after 12 weeks of resistance-exercise training by older adults Gearhart, Randall PERCEPTION AND MOTOR SKILLS 2008, Vol 106, Iss 3, pp 893-903 Gearhart RF; Lagally KM; Riechman SE; Andrews RD; Robertson RJ
Rudolph Fisher: An Updated Selected Bibliography Gable, Craig BULLETIN OF BIBLIOGRAPHY 2000, Vol 57, pp 13-19
Rural community input to school district strategic planning: an action research model using focus groups. Edlefson, Carla RURAL EDUCATOR, 2008, Vol 30, Iss 1, pp 32-38 Edlefson, C; Winand BL
S. pombe and S. cerevisiae regulatory network and its extensions: fuzzy logic network (FLN) Cao, Yingjun Chapter in: STUDIES OF COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN BIOINFORMATICS 2007 Cao Y; Wang P; Tokuta A
S. pombe regulatory network inference using the fuzzy logic network Cao, Yingjun NEW MATHEMATICS AND NATURAL COMPUTATION 2008, Vol 4, Iss 1, pp 61-76 Cao Y; Yu L; Tokuta A; Wang P
Sacramental life: spiritual formation through the Book of Common Prayer DeSilva, David view full record
Sacrilege toward the individual : the anti-pride of Thomas More's Utopia and Anthem's radical alternative Lewis, John Chapter in: ESSAYS ON AYN RAND'S ANTHEM
Salvation as discipleship in the gospel of Mark Colijn, Brenda ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 1998, Vol 30, pp 11-22
Sam Bowers Slade, Peter Entry in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION IN THE SOUTH (rev. ed.)
Sangre mía : poesía de la frontera : violencia, género e identidad en Ciudad Juárez /Blood of mine : poetry of border violence, gender and identity in Ciudad Juárez Rathbun, Jennifer Jennifer Rathbun
Santa and the three bears Catalano, Dominic View full record
Santuarios desierto mar / Sanctuaries Desert Sea Rathbun, Jennifer Artepoetica Press, 2015 Juan Armando Rojas Joo; tr. by Jennifer Rathbun
SAP102, a novel postsynaptic protein that interacts with NMDA receptor complexes in vivo Fenster, Steven NEURON 1996, Vol 17, pp 255-265 Muller, B.M., Kistner, U., Kindler, S., Chung, W.J., Kuhlendahl, S., Fenster, S.D., Lau, L.F., Veh, R.W., Huganir, R.L., Gundelfinger, E.D., and Garner, C.C.
Saul as sacrifice: the tragedy of Israel's first monarch Hawk, L Daniel BIBLE REVIEW 1996, Vol 12, Iss 6, pp 20-25
Saul's Altar Hawk, Dan CATHOLIC BIBLICAL QUARTERLY 2010, Vol 72, Iss 4, pp 678-687
Saunas Piirto, Jane view full record
School leadership and administration: important concepts, case studies, & simulations Alston, Judy View full record Alston JA; Gorton RA