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Faculty Author Source Authors
Revolutionary constitutionalism in the thought of John Adams and the Marquis de Condorcet Thompson, C. Bradley JOURNAL OF THE EARLY REPUBLIC 1996, Vol 16, Iss 3, pp 361-387
Ribosomal DNA and rapd variation in the rare plant family Lactoridaceae Brauner, Soren AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY 1992, Vol 79, Iss 12, pp 1436-1439 BRAUNER S; CRAWFORD DJ; STUESSY TF
Right turn: John T. Flynn and the transformation of American liberalism Moser, John View full record
Río vertebral/ Vertebral River Rathbun, Jennifer Juan Armando Rojas Joo, Jennifer Rathbun (trans.)
Robert A. Heinlein and issues in American economics Rogers, Robert Chapter in: THE ECONOMIC MIND IN AMERICA: ESSAYS IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN ECONOMICS
Robinson Jeffers, W. B. Yeats, and Ecoprophecy Fleming, Deborah Jeffers Studies 16.1-2 (Spring & Fall 2012): 65-86
Rock shelters in the Lower Killbuck Valley, Holmes and Coshocton Counties, Ohio: 1982-1988 Brush, Nigel Chapter in: CAVES AND CULTURE: 10,000 YEARS OF OHIO HISTORY
Rogue River, Oregon (poem) Fleming, Deborah INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES IN LITERATURE AND ENVIRONMENT 2005, Vol 12, Iss 1, p 229
Role of the vaccinia virus E3L and K3L gene products in rescue of VSV and EMCV from the effects of IFN-alpha Shors, Scott JOURNAL OF INTERFERON AND CYTOKINE RESEARCH 1998, Vol 18, Iss 9, pp 721-729 Shors ST; Beattie E; Paoletti E; Tartaglia J; Jacobs BL
RPE at relative intensities after 12 weeks of resistance-exercise training by older adults Gearhart, Randall PERCEPTION AND MOTOR SKILLS 2008, Vol 106, Iss 3, pp 893-903 Gearhart RF; Lagally KM; Riechman SE; Andrews RD; Robertson RJ
Rudolph Fisher: An Updated Selected Bibliography Gable, Craig BULLETIN OF BIBLIOGRAPHY 2000, Vol 57, pp 13-19
Rural community input to school district strategic planning: an action research model using focus groups. Edlefson, Carla RURAL EDUCATOR, 2008, Vol 30, Iss 1, pp 32-38 Edlefson, C; Winand BL
S. pombe and S. cerevisiae regulatory network and its extensions: fuzzy logic network (FLN) Cao, Yingjun Chapter in: STUDIES OF COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN BIOINFORMATICS 2007 Cao Y; Wang P; Tokuta A
S. pombe regulatory network inference using the fuzzy logic network Cao, Yingjun NEW MATHEMATICS AND NATURAL COMPUTATION 2008, Vol 4, Iss 1, pp 61-76 Cao Y; Yu L; Tokuta A; Wang P
Sacramental life: spiritual formation through the Book of Common Prayer DeSilva, David view full record
Sacrilege toward the individual : the anti-pride of Thomas More's Utopia and Anthem's radical alternative Lewis, John Chapter in: ESSAYS ON AYN RAND'S ANTHEM
Salvation as discipleship in the gospel of Mark Colijn, Brenda ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 1998, Vol 30, pp 11-22
Sam Bowers Slade, Peter Entry in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION IN THE SOUTH (rev. ed.)
Sangre mía : poesía de la frontera : violencia, género e identidad en Ciudad Juárez /Blood of mine : poetry of border violence, gender and identity in Ciudad Juárez Rathbun, Jennifer Jennifer Rathbun
Santa and the three bears Catalano, Dominic View full record
Santuarios desierto mar / Sanctuaries Desert Sea Rathbun, Jennifer Artepoetica Press, 2015 Juan Armando Rojas Joo; tr. by Jennifer Rathbun
SAP102, a novel postsynaptic protein that interacts with NMDA receptor complexes in vivo Fenster, Steven NEURON 1996, Vol 17, pp 255-265 Muller, B.M., Kistner, U., Kindler, S., Chung, W.J., Kuhlendahl, S., Fenster, S.D., Lau, L.F., Veh, R.W., Huganir, R.L., Gundelfinger, E.D., and Garner, C.C.
Saul as sacrifice: the tragedy of Israel's first monarch Hawk, L Daniel BIBLE REVIEW 1996, Vol 12, Iss 6, pp 20-25
Saul's Altar Hawk, Dan CATHOLIC BIBLICAL QUARTERLY 2010, Vol 72, Iss 4, pp 678-687
Saunas Piirto, Jane view full record
School leadership and administration: important concepts, case studies, & simulations Alston, Judy View full record Alston JA; Gorton RA
School Leadership and Administration: Important Concepts, Case Studies, and Simulations (9th ed.) Alston, Judy Gorton, Richard A.; Snowden, Petra E.
School-community relations Fiore, Douglas J.
Schoolyard-enhanced learning : using the outdoors as an instructional tool, K-8 Broda, Herbert view full record
Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool Broda, Herbert W.