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Faculty Publications Database

Faculty Author Source Authors
Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool Broda, Herbert W.
Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning: Using the Outdoors as an Instructional Tool, K-8 Broda, Herbert W.
Scotland and England, 1560-1603: Estranged partners Saenz-Cambra, Concepcion THE SCOTS LINK 2003, Iss 73, pp 21-36
Scottish soldiers in the Spanish armies, 1618-1636 Saenz-Cambra, Concepcion THE SCOTS LINK 2002, Iss 70, p 22
Searching for jobs in academia: Interviewing for positions that emphasize teaching Metzger, Mitchell APS OBSERVER 1996, Vol 9 Iss 5, pp 33-34
Seasonal phenology of appendicularian tunicates in the North Water, northern Baffin Bay Saunders, Patty Polar Biology Vol. 40, Iss. 6, June 2017, pp. 1289-1310 D. Deibel, P. Saunders, and C. Stevens
Section II: Trends in Corporate Governance Wang, Hongxia Chapter in: A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Selected spiritual writings of Anne Dutton : eighteenth-century, British-Baptist, woman theologian Watson, JoAnn Ford View full record
Selecting leaders Sikula, John LEADERSHIP EXECUTIVE 2006, Vol 23, Iss 9, p. 12 Sikula J; Sikula A
Selecting Music for Movement Butke, Marla THE ORFF ECHO, Vol 44, Iss 1 Frego, David
Self-association without regard to prototropy. A heterocycle that forms extremely stable quadruply hydrogen-bonded dimers Corbin, Perry JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1998, Vol 120, Iss 37, pp 9710-9711 Corbin PS; Zimmerman SC
Separation of powers and good government Schramm, Peter View full record
Separation of powers and good government Wilson, Bradford View full record
Sequence and spatial expression of zebrafish (Danio rerio) alpha A-crystallin Posner, Mason MOLECULAR VISION 2002, Vol 8, Iss 6, pp 45-50 Runkle S; Hill J; Kantorow M; Horwitz J; Posner M
Sesquiterpenes from chrysoma pauciflosculosa Weidenhamer, Jeffrey SPECTROSCOPY LETTERS 1995, Vol 28, Iss 7, pp 1061-1074 MENELAOU, MA; FA MACIAS; JD WEIDENHAMER; GB WILLIAMSON;
Sexual harassment in schools: they stray, you pay Bailey, Joe RURAL EDUCATOR 1997, Vol 18, Iss 3, pp 1-6
Shades of blue for soprano or alto saxophone and concert band (full score) Reed, Thomas
Shafts and Darts: An Annotated Bibliography of George S. Schuyler’s Contributions to The Messenger, 1923-28 Gable, Craig BULLETIN OF BIBLIOGRAPHY 2002, Vol 59, pp 111-119
Sharing for success: networks foster school transformation Kommer, David OHIO MIDDLE SCHOOL JOURNAL 1997
Sharing the burden; sharing the joy Baker, David BRETHERN EVANGELIST 1990, December, 6-9
Should Teachers Be Funny? Rodriguez, Dariela Communication Currents. Feb2011, Vol. 6 Issue 1 Banas, John; Dunbar, Norah; Shr-Jie Liu; Rodriguez, Dariela
Simulated or Reproduced Events as the Basis for Reflective Learning Walters, Howard International Journal of Psychological and Brain Sciences ​Howard Walters and Rachel Wlodarsky
Singing Birds (poem) Wells, Sarah NEW FORMALIST 2009, Vol VIIII Iss II
Single-cell MALDI: a new tool for direct peptide profiling Corbin, Rebecca TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY 2000, Vol 18, Iss 4, pp 151-160 Li LJ; Garden-Corbin RW; Sweedler JV
Single-cell neuropeptide profiling in marine invertebrates by MALDI mass spectrometry. Corbin, Rebecca JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON 1997, Vol 504P, pp P18-P19 Moroz LL; Garden-Corbin RW; Moroz TP; Gillette R; Sweedler JV
Sir Winston Churchill Lyons, Justin Entry in: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF POLTICAL COMMUNICATION 2008, Vol 1, pp 103-104
Sister to sister : a spiritual formation resource for women: based on the women of scripture Watson, JoAnn Ford View full record
Site-isolated luminescent europium complexes with polyester macroligands: Metal-centered heteroarm stars and nanoscale assemblies with labile block junctions Corbin, Perry JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2002, Vol 124, Iss 29, pp 8526-8527 Bender JL; Corbin PS; Fraser CL; Metcalf DH; Richardson FS; Thomas EL; Urbas AM
Situating our Racialized Beings in the Race Talk in the U.S.: African-born Blacks, Our Experience of Racialization, and Some Implications for Education Ifedi, Rosaire JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL CONTROVERSY 2010, Vol 5, Iss 2