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Faculty Publications Database

Faculty Author Source Authors
Slave of Christ or willing servant? Paul's self description in 1 Corinthians 4. 1-2 and 9. 16-18 Byron, John NEOTESTAMENTICA 2003, Vol 37, Iss 2, pp 1-20
Slavery and lawlessness in Solonian Athens Lewis, John DIKE 2004, Vol 7, pp 19-40
Slavery metaphors in early Judaism and Pauline Christianity : a traditio-historical and exegetical examination Byron, John View full record
Sleeping Beauty / retold by Christine San Jos Catalano, Dominic View full record
Smaller fleas: viruses of microorganisms Hyman, Paul Scientifica [Scientifica (Cairo)] 2012; Vol. 2012, pp. 734023 Hyman P, Abedon ST
Smaller schools: an ambience for learning Sommers, Norman AMERICAN SECONDARY EDUCATION 1997, Vol 26, Iss 2, pp 9-14
So were ready for jobs in academia Metzger, Mitchell APS OBSERVER 1996, Vol 9 Iss 4, pp 45-46
Social Learning and Distracted Driving among Young Adults Drinkard, Allyson American Journal of Criminal Justice. Oct2020, Vol. 45 Issue 5, p821-843. 23p. Tontodonato, P., and Drinkard, A.
Social Media Convergence: How A Blog Assignment Can Be A Professional e-Portfolio McCoy, David AURCO Journal. Spring2013, Vol. 19, p203-209. 7p. McCoy, David
Sodium azide induces thermotolerance in C. elegans by a mechanism similar to the heat shock response Stine, Karen WORM BREEDERS GAZETTE 1998, Vol 15, Iss 3, p 22 Massie MR; Boggs K; Reagan A; Gall S; STINE KE; White GE
Sodium azide induces thermotolerance in C. elegans by a mechanism similar to the heat shock response White, Glenn WORM BREEDERS GAZETTE 1998, Vol 15, Iss 3, p 22 Massie MR; Boggs K; Reagan A; Gall S; STINE KE; White GE
Sodium azide-induced thermotolerance and stress protein induction in wild-type and mutant strains of C. elegans Stine, Karen TOXICOLOGIST 2000, Vol 54, Iss 1, p 216 Massie MM; Lapoczka EM; Boggs KD; Smith ND; White GE; Stine KE
Solon the thinker: political thought in Archaic Athens Lewis, John View full record
Solvent control of vibronic coupling upon intervalence charge transfer excitation of (CN)(5)FeCNRu(NH3)(5)(-) as revealed by resonance Raman and near-infrared absorption spectroscopies Mohney, Brian JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 1998, Vol 120, Iss 23, pp 5848-5849 Wang CF; Mohney BK; Williams RD; Petrov V; Hupp JT; Walker GC
Some geometric properties of Sigma 1/n(n+1) Dence, Thomas MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER EDUCATION 1993, Iss Winter, pp 15-20
Some half-row sums from Pascal's triangle via Laplace transforms Dence, Thomas COLLEGE MATHEMATICS JOURNAL 2007, Vol38, Iss 3, pp 205-209
Speak Thus: Christian Language in Church and World Hovey, Craig
Spectacles, distinctiveness, and face recognition: A web-based experiment Metzger, Mitchell CYBERPSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR 2004, Vol 7, Iss 1, pp 113-118 Metzger MM; Bridges KR
Speech Content and the Emergence of Inequality in Task Groups Shelly, Ann JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES, 2009, Vol. 65, No. 2, 2009, pp. 307--333 Shelly, AC; Shelly,RK
Spirituality and service learning Sikula, John New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2005, Iss 104, pp 75-81 Sikula J; Sikula A
Sport and healing America Brown, Robert Society, Vol 42, Iss 1, pp. 37-41
Sport and the healing of America after 9/11. Brown, Robert Chapter in: Language, symbols, and the media : communication in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack
Sport as spectacle and the perversion of play Hamilton, Mark Chapter in: The image of God in the human body: essays on Christianity and sport
Spotless Minds and Cultural Memory: Teaching Future Teachers in the United States Donatini, Hilary Teynor Digital Defoe: Studies in Defoe & His Contemporaries 2013Fall; 5 (1): [no pagination]
Stable production in vitro of human coagulation factor IX expressed from adeno-associated virus. Shors, Scott BLOOD 1996, Vol 88, Iss 10, pp 541-541 Wiener SM; Liu YJ; Shors S; Smith RH; Chiorini J; Kilcoin N; Kotin RM; Safer B
Standardized scaling procedures for rating perceived exertion during resistance exercise Gearhart, Randall JOURNAL OF STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING RESEARCH 2001, Vol 15, Iss 3, pp 320-325 Gearhart RF; Goss FL; Lagally KM; Jakcic JM; Gallagher J & Robertson RJ
Standing on the promises: a new generation of Black women scholars in educational leadership and beyond Alston, Judy A. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (QSE). Feb2012, Vol. 25 Issue 1, p127-129
Stimulus load and age effects in facial recognition: A comparison of children and adults Metzger, Mitchell NORTH AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGY 2002, Vol 4, Iss1, pp 51-62
Strange houseguests: Rahab, Lot and the dynamics of deliverance Hawk, L Daniel Entry in: READING BETWEEN THE LINES
Strategic decision-making: do demographic variables matter? An empirical investigation Khushwant, Pittenger JOURNAL OF APPLIED BUSINESS & ECONOMICS 2006 Pittenger KS; Heimann B