Faculty Publications Database

Faculty Author Source Authors
Technological entrepreneurism characteristics related to the adoption of innovative technology Maxwell, James SAM ADVANCED MANAGEMENT JOURNAL 2002, Vol 67, Iss 1, pp 9-15 Maxwell J; Westerfield DL
Tempered radicals & servant leaders: black females persevering in the superintendency Alston, Judy EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION QUARTERLY 2005, Vol 41, Iss 4, pp 675-688
Temple and the tower: Winston Churchill on the political language of peace Lyons, Justin PERSPECTIVES ON POLITICAL SCIENCE 2004, Vol 33, Iss 1, pp 30-39
Temple of Heaven (poem) Haven, Stephen POETRY MISCELLANY 2006, Iss Summer
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The "One like a son of man" in Dan. 7:8-13 reconsidered in Rev. 1:13-18 Morton, Russell KARDIA 1990, Vol 5, pp 23-28
The 1996 Everest Tragedy: a case study Pittenger, Khushwant IVEY MANAGEMENT SERVICES, RICHARD IVEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, 2004
The adventures of a Spanish Barque, 1589-1592 Saenz-Cambra, Concepcion THE SCOTS LINK 2001, Iss 60, pp 12-15
The American founding and conservative foreign policy today Burkett, Christopher Chapter in: MODERN AMERICA AND THE LEGACY OF THE FOUNDING
The American founding and the French Revolution Thompson, C. Bradley Chapter in: THE LEGACY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION
The Apocrypha and the Earliest Christian Movement DeSilva, David Interpretation 72 (2018)
The art of the picture book conference: partnership beyond library walls Schrecker, Diane Chapter in: THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOOK: ESSAYS FOR INNOVATIVE LIBRARIANS
The Ashland University Middle Grade Teacher Preparation Program Broda, Herbert OHIO MIDDLE SCHOOL JOURNAL, 2001, Vol 26, Iss 2, pp 28-30
The authority of scripture Colijn, Brenda BRETHERN EVANGELIST 1993, Vol 115, pp 8-9
The bank shot in billiards Dence, Thomas JOURNAL OF RECREATIONAL MATHEMATICS 2007, Vol 33
The Bible and natural freedom in John Locke's political thought Foster, David Chapter in: PIETY AND HUMANITY: ESSAYS ON RELIGION AND EARLY MODERN POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY
The binomial index of model fit: an elaboration and a response to comments Fraas, John STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELING: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL 1995, Vol 2, Iss 2, pp 155-162 Fraas J; Newman I; Norfolk T
The book of Yeats's Vision Fleming, Deborah JOURNAL OF ENGLISH AND GERMANIC PHILOLOGY 1998, Vol 97, Iss 2, pp 284-286
The Breathing Green of Judith Kitchen Mackall, Joe Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction, 17(2) (Fall 2015, 31-34 Joe Mackall
The Brethren church (Ashland Brethren) Stoffer, Dale Chapter in: RELIGION IN OHIO: PROFILES OF FAITH COMMUNITIES 2004
The Bully's Face: Using Art to Understand Bullying in Gifted Children Groman, Jennifer Gifted Child Today; Jan2019, Vol. 42 Issue 1, p12-18
The challenge of accommodation in higher education: a survey of adaptive technology use in Ontario universities Abreu-Ellis, Carla JOURNAL OF TEACHING AND LEARNING 2006, Vol 4, Iss 1, pp 31-41 Abreu-Ellis, C; Ellis, JB
The challenge of accommodation in higher education: a survey of adaptive technology use in Ontario universities Ellis, Jason JOURNAL OF TEACHING AND LEARNING 2006, Vol 4, Iss 1, pp 31-41 Abreu-Ellis, C; Ellis, JB
The classroom exploration of oceans online workshop series. Walters, Howard CURRENT: THE JOURNAL OF MARINE EDUCATION 2004, Iss June Walters H; Bishop T
The common ground of Eamon Grennan Fleming, Deborah ERIE-IRELAND 1994, Vol 28, Iss 4, pp 133-149
The comprehensive quest: action research of five teachers Brueggeman, Marti OHIO ASCD JOURNAL 2001, Vol 5, pp 14-18
THE confession of Thomas Granger Haven, Stephen SALMAGUNDI-A QUARTERLY OF THE HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES 1996, Iss 111, pp 154-155
The construction of Mennonite/Amish character in novels by John Updike and Denis Johnson Lehman, Daniel W. Mennonite Quarterly Review 77 no 4 O 2003, p 671-683
The crafty art of playmaking Weber, Myles MICHIGAN QUARTERLY REVIEW 2003, Vol 42, Iss 4, pp 738-741
The Creative Process as Creators Practice It: A View of Creativity with Emphasis on What Creators Really Do Piirto, Jane Essay in: PERSPECTIVES IN GIFTED EDUCATION: CREATIVITY