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Faculty Publications Database

Faculty Author Source Authors
The event path for professional reflection: the nature and characteristics of reflective practice among teacher education faculty Wlodarsky, Rachel JOURNAL OF COGNITIVE AFFECTIVE LEARNING 2007, Vol 4, Iss 1, 25-31 Wlodarsky R; Walters H
The excluded middle: postmodern conceptions of the middle school Slattery, Patrick Chapter in: Affirming middle grades education
The face of Old Testament studies : a survey of contemporary approaches Baker, David View full record
The Facts and Fictions of Rockshelter Function Brush, Nigel NORTH AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGIST 2010, Vol 31, Iss 3-4, pp 305-332 Donaldson, Scott; Kardulias, P. Nick
The fight for global talent: new directions, new competitors - a case study of Singapore Bhasin, Balbir CAREER DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL 2002, Vol 7. Iss 2, pp 109-114 Bhasin B; Low P
The financial education company's guide to personal investing : Nadler, Mark View full record
The Financial education company's guide to personal investing : Rumker, Terry View full record
The First Turning: A Vision of America and a World at Peace Engler, Carol
The First Turning: A Vision of America and a World at Peace Engler, Carol
The forgetting of stimulus attributes in latent inhibition. Metzger, Mitchell M. PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR 2009, Vol 9, Iss 1, p194-198 Metzger, Mitchell M., Riccio, David C.
The free person and the free economy : a personalist view of market economics Sikkenga, Jeffrey View full record
The Freedom to Select Gable, Craig AMERICAN LIBRARIES 2007, Vol 38, Iss 3, p 38
The Future of Campus Recreation: Time for a New Administrative Home? Milton, Paul R. QUEST 2011, Vol 63, Iss 3, pp 289-299 Fisher, Wesley; Roth, Lisa
The Global Impact; Using Social Media to Learn about World Politics McCoy, David Social Media and Politics: A New Way to Participate in the Political Process, Vol. 2 (pp 245-260)
The glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide and glucose-stimulated insulin response to exercise training and diet in obesity Brooks, Latina M. American Journal of Physiology; June 2009 pt1, Vol. 296 Issue 6, pE1269-E1274. Kelly, Karen R. Brooks, Latina M. Solomon, Thomas P. J.
The history and meaning of article VI, section one Sikkenga, Jeffrey Entry in: THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION
The homestay component of study abroad; Three perspectives Schmidt-Rinehart, Barbara FOREIGN LANGUAGE ANNALS 2004, Vol 37, Iss 2, pp 254-262 Schmidt-Rinehart BD; Knight SM
The hope of glory : honor discourse and New Testament interpretation DeSilva, David View full record
The impact and politics of entry regulation on intrastate telephone rates. Rogers, Robert JOURNAL OF REGULATORY ECONOMICS 1990, Vol 2, pp 53-68
The impact of cultural relativism on college students Brush, Nigel CHRISTIAN STANDARD 1998, Vol 133, Iss 15, pp 8-11
The impact of formal mentorship on socialization and commitment of newcomers Heimann, Beverly JOURNAL OF MANAGERIAL ISSUES 1996, Vol 8, Iss 1 Pittenger KS; Heimann B
The impact of formal mentorship on socialization and commitment of newcomers Pittenger, Khushwant JOURNAL OF MANAGERIAL ISSUES 1996, Vol 8, Iss 1 Pittenger KS; Heimann B
The Impact of Friendship on the Leadership Identity Development of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Students Olive, James Journal of Leadership Education, 14(1) (Winter 2015) 142-159 James Olive
The impact of influence tactics on the decisions of medical group practices : a case study Pittenger, Khushwant GROUP PRACTICE JOURNAL 2004, Vol 53, Iss 6 Pittenger K; Kraft M
The impact of litigation on school facilities funding in Ohio Edlefson, Carla JOURNAL OF EDUCATION FINANCE 2001, Vol 27, pp 701-712 Edlefson C; Barrow R
The Impact on product prices of mergers in the petroleum industry Rogers, Robert SOUTHWESTERN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 2004, Vol 31, Iss 1 Rogers, R; Hollinger B
The intellectual context of Solon's Dike Lewis, John Polis, 2001, Vol 18, pp 3-26
The intention of union workers to participate in employee involvement: an application of the theory of planned behavior Dawkins, Cedric EMPLOYEE RELATIONS 2005, Vol 27, Iss 5, pp 511-531 Dawkins, C; Fraas J
The irresistible urge to preach : a collection of African American "call" stories. Myers, William View full record
The ISLLC standards in action : a principal Engler, Carol View full record