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The largest retail firms: a comparison of Asia, Europe and US based retailers. McGurr, Paul INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RETAIL & DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT 2002, Vol 30, Iss 3, pp 145-150
The last street before Cleveland Mackall, Joe View full record
The Last word: an interview with Michael Pyryt Piirto, Jane JOURNAL OF ADVANCED ACADEMICS 2008, Vol 19, Iss 2, pp 345-353
The learning organization: motivating employees by integrating TQM philosophy in a supportive organizational culture Pool, Steven Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 2000. Vol 21, Iss 8, pp 373-378
The Letter to the Galatians DeSilva, David New International Commentary on the New Testament
The limitations of scientific truth Brush, Nigel View full record
The literature of immigration and racial formation : becoming white, becoming other, becoming American in the late Progressive Era Brown, Linda Joyce AU Library Catalog
The Long Silence of the Mohawk Carpet Smokestacks Haven, Stephen AU Library Catalog
The Lord's Supper : believers church perspectives Stoffer, Dale View full record
The many faces of American schooling: effective schools research and border crossings in the 21st century Alston, Judy AMERICAN SECONDARY EDUCATION 2004, Vol 32, Iss 9, pp 79-93
The Martins Creek Mastodon: A paleo-Indian butchery site in Holmes County, Ohio Brush, Nigel CURRENT RESEARCH IN THE PLEISTOCENE 1994, Vol 11, pp 14-15 Brush N; Smith F
The Martins Creek Mastodon: An ice age story, part I Brush, Nigel Holmes County Traveler 1997, Vol 9, Iss 4, pp 11-13
The Martins Creek Mastodon: An Ice Age Story, Part II Brush, Nigel TRAVELER 1998, Vol 1, pp 29-31
The Martins Creek Mastodon: An Ice Age Story, Part III Brush, Nigel TRAVELER 1999, Vol 10, Iss 2 pp 18-20
The Massillon Artful Living Project: Some Positive Results Are Evident Oscar, McKnight PRINCIPAL NAVIGATOR 2010, Fall, pp 32-33 Zoldesy, Gary; Sikula, John
The Massillon Artful Living Project: Some Positive Results Are Evident Sikula, John PRINCIPAL NAVIGATOR 2010, Fall, pp 32-33 McKnight, Oscar; Zoldesy, Gary
The Maternal Hero in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Grady, Maura Heroines in Film and Television: Portrayals in Popular Culture
The measure of success Kommer, David PRINCIPLE LEADERSHIP 2000, Vol 1, Iss 3
The merchant of modernism : the economic Jew in Anglo-American literature, 1864-1939 Levine, Gary View full record
The middle east maze : Israel and her neighbors Rausch, David View full record
The Midwest, the Artist, and the Critics: Edith Wharton’s Hudson River Bracketed and The Gods Arrive Waterman, Jayne E. MIDWESTERN MISCELLANY Spring/Fall 2010, Vol 38, pp 4-6
The minimum optimal steel plant and the survivor technique of cost estimation. Rogers, Robert ATLANTIC ECONOMIC JOURNAL 1993, Vol 21, Iss 3, pp.30-37
The Missouri Compromise, The Liberator, The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, The Kansas-Nebraska Act Ray, Kristofer THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MINORITIES IN AMERICAN POLITICS
The Moral Aesthetics of Compulsory Ultrasound Viewing and the Theological Future of Abortion Hovey, Craig Studies in Christian Ethics, 3/18
The Moral World of Billy Budd Weaver, Russell Russell Weaver
The Murders at the Wilson Farm Moser, John
The Naïve Youthful Narrator in the Literature of South African Apartheid Lehman, Daniel W. Sankofa. 2011, Vol. 10, p33-39
The new retirement: it's not our parent's Oldsmobile Engler, Carol PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP, 2003 Vol 3, Iss 6
The New Testament canon: unity & diversity Byron, John Entry in: TEACHING THE BIBLE: PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION
The New Testament in context DeSilva, David View full record