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The River Teeth Reader Mackall, Joe Lehman, Daniel W.
The role of appendicularian tunicates in the biogenic carbon cycle of three arctic polynyas Saunders, Patricia Chapter in: RESPONSE OF MARINE ECOSYSTEMS TO GLOBAL CHANGE: ECOLOGICAL IMPACT OF APPENDICULARIANS Deibel D; Saunders PA; Acuna JL; Bochdansky AB; Shiga N; Rivkin RB
The role of cooperative education in the career growth of engineering students Pittenger, Khushwant JOURNAL OF COOPERATIVE EDUCATION 1993, Vol 28, Iss 1
The role of macropores in the cultivation of bell pepper in salinized soil Emerman, Steven PLANT AND SOIL 1996, Vol 181, Iss 2, pp 241-249 Emerman SH; Dawson TE
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and CEO tenure, turnover, and risk aversion Wang, Hongxia Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance. Aug2010, Vol. 50 Issue 3, p367-376 Hongxia Wanga, Wallace N. Davidson III, Xiaoxin Wang
The school bus and the mud puddles: An application of the inclusion-exclusion theorem Dence, Thomas QUANTUM 1995, Iss Jan-Feb, pp 24-29
The Sci-Fi Dreams of a Little GIrl McWhorter's , Sandra
The Self-Propelled Voyager: How the Cycle Revolutionized Travel Jamieson, Duncan Rowman & Littlefield, 2015 Duncan Jamieson
The Shawshank Experience: Tracking the History of the World's Favorite Movie Grady, Maura *See also OhioLINK Reference E-Books
The social background of nineteenth century innovators in the American iron and steel Industry Rogers, Robert ESSAYS IN ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS HISTORY, 2004, Vol 22
The soul's journey into God's embrace Wardle, Terry View full record
The Spanish universal monarch and the emergence of the financial interactive system: American gold and northern wars Saenz-Cambra, Concepcion ALDABA MAGAZINE 2004, Iss 104, pp 32-37
The Strategic arousal of emotion in John's visions of Roman imperialism: a rhetorical-critical investigation of Revelation 4-22 DeSilva, David NEOTESTAMENTICA 2008, Vol 24, Iss 1, pp 1-34
The structure of the Scottish Tercio of the army of Flanders Saenz-Cambra, Concepcion THE SCOTS LINK 2004, Iss 75, pp 13-15
The substance and politics of education reform: a view from a governor Edlefson, Carla PLANNING AND CHANGING 1994, Vol 25, pp 41-55
The sustainable seas expedition: an impact assessment of an online teacher education program funded by the National Geographic Society. Walters, Howard CURRENT: THE JOURNAL OF MARINE EDUCATION 2002, Iss Winter Walters H; Bishop T
The theory of organic emergence of systems: the case of virtual worlds Walia, Nitin Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research (online) Nitin Walia, Fatemeh Mariam Zahedi & Hemant Jain
The three tenses of salvation in Paul Colijn, Brenda ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 1990, Vol 22, pp 29-41
The transforming path : a Christ-centered approach to spiritual formation Wardle, Terry View full record
The unrelated business income tax and recreational sports Milton, Paul NATIONAL INTRAMURAL-RECREATION SPORTS ASSOCIATION JOURNAL 1996, Vol 20, Iss 1, pp 18-21
The use of kindergarten screening scores to identify the need for reading intervention: a logit regression study Fraas, John MIDWESTERN RESEARCHER 1992, Vol 5, Iss 3, pp 8-11 Fraas J; Crail J
The use of multiple regression models to determine if conjoint analysis should be conducted on aggregate data Fraas, John MID-WESTERN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER 1996, Vol 9 Iss 4, pp 24-28 Fraas J; Newman I.
The use of propensity score analysis to address issues associated with the use of adjusted means produced by analysis of covariance Fraas, John MULTIPLE LINEAR REGRESSION VIEWPOINTS 2007, Vol 33, Iss 1, pp 23-31 Fraas JW; Newman I; Pool S
The use of the Johnson-Neyman confidence bands and multiple regression models to investigate interaction effects: important tools for educational researchers and program evaluators Fraas, John MULTIPLE LINEAR REGRESSION VIEWPOINTS 1997, Vol 24, Iss 1, pp 14-24 Fraas J; Newman I.
The Violence of the Biblical God Hawk, Daniel
The voices of beginning reading instruction: families and schools in four European countries Brueggeman, Marti Chapter in: OTHER WAYS OF SEEING: DIVERSITY IN LANGUAGE AND LITERACY
The Walhonding Valley Late Prehistoric Site Project: The Analysis of Flotation Samples from the Crawford and Tri-Mac/Olinger Sites in Coshocton County, Ohio Brush, Nigel Ohio Archaeological Council:Current Research in Ohio Archaeology 2014 P. Nick Kardulias
The Warsaw warrior: A photohistoric petroglyph of an enemy Brush, Nigel PENNSYLVANIAN ARCHAEOLOGIST 2005, Vol 75, Iss Spring
The weed suppressive ability of selected Australian grain crops; case studies from the Riverina region in New South Wales Weidenhamer , Jeffrey, A. Crop Protection Vol. 103, January 2018, p. 9 James M. Mwendwa; William B. Brown; Hanwen Wu; Paul A. Weston; et al
The World Wide Web and the laboratory: a comparison using face recognition Metzger, Mitchell CYBERPSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOR, 2003, Vol 6, Iss 6, pp 613-622 Metzger MM, Kristof VL Yoest DJ