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Analysis of the combined osteolathyritic effects of beta-aminopropionitrile and diethyldithiocarbamate on Xenopus development Dawson, Douglas TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2000, Vol 58, Iss 1, pp 144-152 Cotter MA; Policz DL; Poch G; Dawson DA
Analysis word search Dence, Thomas MATH HORIZONS 2004, p 35
Ancient historiography and the Book of Acts Byron, John Entry in: TEACHING THE BIBLE: PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION
Androgyny in the personalities of talented adolescents Fraas, John THE JOURNAL OF SECONDARY GIFTED EDUCATION 1995, Vol 1, Iss 3, pp 93-102. Piirto J; Fraas J
Anglo-Dutch Wars; Treaty of Breda Moser, John Entries in: BRITAIN AND THE AMERICAS; CULTURE, POLITICS, AND HISTORY
Animals of Ohio's Ponds and Vernal Pools FitzSimmons, David
Anishinabek spirituality: transversing grief and loss Ellis, Jason INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DIVERSITY IN ORGANIZATIONS, COMMUNITIES AND NATIONS 2007, Vol 7, Iss 1, pp 229-236 Ellis JB; Garske GG
Annotated bibliography: Pentateuch, prophets, ancient near eastern background Baker, David ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 1997, Vol 29, pp 67-75
Annual cycle of autotrophic and heterotrophic production in a small, monomictic Piedmont lake (Lake Oglethorpe): Analog for the effects of climatic warming on dimictic lakes Saunders, Patricia LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY 1996, Vol 41, Iss 5, pp 1041-1051 Porter KG; Saunders PA; Haberyan KA; Macubbin AE; Jacobsen TR; Hodson RE
Another anthology for Oxen, Barnett and Dale Janusko, Robert JAMES JOYCE QUARTERLY 1990, Vol 27, Iss 2, pp 257-281
Answering the call: democracy, leadership and the challenge of social justice Alston, Judy UCEA REVIEW 2005, Vol 45, Iss 3, pp 16-17
Anti-Americanism and Anglophobia Moser, John ANTI-AMERICANISM: HISTORY, CAUSES, AND THEMES 2007
Antislavery political writings, 1833-1860 : a reader Thompson, C. Bradley View full record
Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha DeSilva, David Entry in: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HISTORICAL JESUS 2008
Archimedes' quadrature of the parabola revisited Dence, Thomas MATHEMATICS MAGAZINE 1998, Vol 71, Iss 2, pp 123-130 Swain G; Dence, T
Archimedes' quadrature of the parabola revisited Swain, Gordon MATHEMATICS MAGAZINE 1998, Vol 71, Iss 2, pp 123-130 Swain G; Dence, T
Aren't these books for little kids? Billman, Linda EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP 2002, Vol 60, Iss 3, pp 48-51
Arrow program: a software engineering case study for CS1 Ajwa, Iyad JOURNAL OF COMPUTING SCIENCES IN COLLEGES 2007, Vol 22, Iss 4, pp 82-86
Article IV, section three, clause two Sikkenga, Jeffrey Entry in: The Heritage Guide to the Constitution
Ashland University Nethers, John Chapter in: Cradles of conscience : Ohio's independent colleges and universities
Ashland University advocate/leadership model Arnold, Penny NATIONAL FORUM FO EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERVISION JOURNAL 2001. Vol 19, Iss 1 pp 29-36
Ashland: From College to University Schultz, Joseph View full record
Aspects of grace in the Pentateuch Baker, David ASHLAND THEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 1997, Vol 29, pp 7-22
Aspects of music representation in hytime smdl Sloan, Donald COMPUTER MUSIC JOURNAL 1993, Vol 17, Iss 4, pp 51-59
Assessing faculty salary compression: an application of two methods Fraas, John MID-WESTERN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER 2002, Vol 15 Iss 4, pp 28-32
Assessing the Accuracy of Trauma Patient Prioritization: Communication Design of the M.I.S.E.R Information System Protocol and Communication Channel during Crisis Communication Exchanges Avtgis, Theodore A. Communication Design Quarterly Review, v.3:4 (2015) 85-90 Theodore A. Avtgis, David Kappel, E. Phillips Polack, Alison Wilson, Jennifer Knight
Assessing the results of school improvements efforts Edlefson, Carla OHIO ASCD JOURNAL 2003, Vol 6, Iss 2, pp 4-8
Asymptotic solutions for sorption of water by heavy clay soil Emerman, Steven JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY 1997, Vol 187, Iss 3-4, pp 297-309
Asynchrony and the gifted Piirto, Jane UNDERSTANDING OUR GIFTED 1999, Vol 11,Iss 3, pp 12-15.
Atomic force microscopy studies of hydration of fluorinated amide/urethane copolymer film surfaces Mohney, Brian LANGMUIR 1998, Vol 14, Iss 15, pp 3976-3982 Akhremitchev BB; Mohney BK; Marra KG; Chapman TM; Walker GC