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Faculty Author Source Authors
Biomimetric measurement of allelochemical dynamics in the rhizosphere Weidenhamer, Jeffrey JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ECOLOGY 2005, Vol 31, Iss 2, pp 221-236
Board composition after mergers, does it matter to target shareholders Wang, Hongxia Journal of Empirical Finance. Dec2010, Vol. 17 Issue 5, p837-851 Hongxia Wang, Sameh Sakr, Yixi Ning , Wallace N. Davidson III
Born to learn: parenting for language and literacy during the first year Brueggman, Martha OHIO ASCD JOURNAL 1997, Vol 2 pp 30-35
Borrowing behavior in Ohio school districts Edlefson, Carla JOURNAL OF SCHOOL BUSINESS 1994, Vol 6, Iss 2, pp 27-33 Edlefson, C
Breakthrough creativity: achieving top performance using the eight creative talents Piirto, Jane CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOLOGY-APA REVIEW OF BOOKS 2003, Vol 48, Iss 1, pp 79-81
Building an Old Testament library Baker, David CATALYST 1999, Vol 25, Iss 4, pp 3-4
Building an Old Testament library: 1 Samuel - Job Hawk, L Daniel CATALYST 2002, Vol 28, pp 6-8
Building an Old Testament library: Genesis-Ruth Hawk, L Daniel CATALYST 1994, Vol 21, pp 2-3
Building effective mentorship relationships Pittenger, Khushwant REVIEW OF BUSINESS 2000 Summer
Bus contracting: a partnership that works Self, Tucker SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR 1995, Vol 52, Iss 10, pp 18-19
Busy directors and firm performance: Does firm location matter? Wang, Hongxia North American Journal of Economics and Finance Vol. 45, July 2018, pp. 1-37 Hui Liang James; Hongxia Wang; Yamin Xie
By Force, Threat, or Deception Mackall, Joe River Teeth; Fall 2008-Spr 2009, Vol. 10 Issue 1/2, p371-513
Caleb Overland, Paul Entry in: Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch
Calvin's burning heart: John Calvin and the Stoics on the emotions (Soteriological and Christological arguments on the nature and function of human emotions) Fedler, Kyle JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN ETHICS 2002, Vol 22, pp 133-162
Can communicative methods enhance ancient language acquisition? Overland, Paul TEACHING AND LEARNING IN THEOLOGY AND RELIGION 2004, Vol 7, Iss 1, pp 51-57
Can Communicative Principles Enhance Classical Language Acquisition? Overland, Paul FOREIGN LANGUAGE ANNALS 2011, Vol 44, Iss 3, pp 583-598 Fields, Lee; Noonan, Jennifer
Can we succeed in teaching business students to write effectively? Miller, Mary BUSINESS COMMUNICATION QUARTERLY 2006, Vol 67, pp 327-336 Pittenger KS; Miller MC; Allison J
Can we succeed in teaching business students to write effectively? Pittenger, Khushwant BUSINESS COMMUNICATION QUARTERLY 2006, Vol 67, pp 327-336 Pittenger KS; Miller MC; Allison J
Canto a una ciudad en al desierto: encuentro de poetas en Ciudad Juarez (1998-2002) Rathbun, Jennifer View full record Rojas, JA; Rathbun, J (translator)
CAPE (Camp for Attracting Prospective Educators): Ohio's strategy for growing your own teachers Kearney, Janet AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR SCHOOL PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATORS PERSPECTIVE 2004, Iss February-April
Carry Nation, "Angelina and Sarah Grimke," "Emma Willard," Jamieson, Duncan Great Lives from History: American Women Series
Carrying the torch of the Jeanes supervisors: 21st century African American female superintendents and servant leadership Alston, Judy Chapter in: THE PROMISES AND PERILS FACING TODAY'S SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Alston JA; Jones SN
Carving liberty into stone: the Greek and American discoveries of fundamental law Lewis, John The Intellectual Activist, 2002, Vol 16, p. 10
Case studies in sport communication Brown, Robert View full record
Case studies in sport communication O'Rourke, Daniel View full record
Case studies of the price effects of horizontal mergers. Rogers, Robert Rogers R; Schumann L; Reitzes J
Case study of grid computing and computer algebra: parallel Gr Ajwa, Iyad JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING, 2007, Vol 41, pp 53-62
Ceremonial de viento = Ceremonial of wind Rathbun, Jennifer View full record Rojas Joo, JA; Rathbun, J (translator)
Challenges in creating reflective OD customers: distilling the essence of organizational development for non-OD specialists Savage, Constance ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL 2002, Vol 20, Iss 4, pp 78-84
Challenges of identifying and serving gifted children with ADHD Flint, Lori TEACHING EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN 2001, Vol 33, Iss 4, pp 62-69