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Faculty Author Source Authors
Cooperating teachers' professional growth through supervision of student teachers and participation in a collegial study group Arnold, Penny TEACHER EDUCATION QUARTERLY 2002, Vol 29, Iss 2, pp 123-132
Copepod herbivory rate in a large arctic lynya and its relationship to seasonal variation in copepod and phytoplankton biomass Saunders, Patricia MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES 2003, Vol 261, pp 183-199 Saunders, PA; D. Deibel; CJ Stevens; RB Rivkin; SH Lee; B. Klein
Corporate welfare, corporate citizenship and questions of accountability Dawkins, Cedric BUSINESS AND SOCIETY 2002, Vol 41, Iss 3, pp 269-291
Corrections in the 21st Century Smykla, John Schmalleger, Frank
Counting the Costs of Nonfiction: An Interview with Jonny Steinberg Lehman, Daniel W. River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative 2010 Spring; 11 (2): 31-44
Cowboys and idiots Weber, Myles NEW ENGLAND REVIEW, MIDDLEBURY SERIES 2004, Vol 25, Iss 3, pp 190-196
Creating connections for better schools : how leaders enhance school culture Fiore, Douglas J.
Creating connections: challenging the text and student writers. Bowman, Cynthia ENGLISH JOURNAL 2000, Vol 89, Iss 4 pp 78-85
Creating personal success on the historically black college and university campus Fiore, Douglas J. W. Weldon Hill
Creative alliances between nursing service and education in times of economic constraint Patton, June NURSING CONNECTIONS 1994, Vol 7, Iss 3, pp 29-37 Patton JG; Cook LR
Creativity for 21st Century Skills: How to Embed Creativity into the Curriculum Piirto, Jane
Croquet : an annotated bibliography from the Rendell Rhoades croquet collection Rhoades, Nancy View full record
Cryptography: Its history and mathematics Dence, Thomas OHIO JOURNAL OF SCHOOL MATHEMATICS 2003, Iss Spring, pp 29-36
Cubic and quartic residues modulo a prime Dence, Thomas MISSOURI JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE 1955, Vol 7, 1995
Cubics, chaos and Newton's method Dence, Thomas MATHEMATICAL GAZETTE 1997, Iss Nov. pp 403-408
Cultural dimensions in science, technology, engineering and mathematics: implications for minority retention research White, Jeffry JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND POLICY STUDIES 2006, Vol 6, Iss 2, pp 41-59 White J; Lee Y-F; Altschuld J W
Curious Critters FitzSimmons, David
Current woman in an older widowers life Moore, Alinde Chapter in (Intimacy in later life) Stratton D, Moore A
Current woman in an older widowers life Stratton, Dorothy Chapter in: Intimacy in later life Stratton D, Moore A
Curriculum as a place of turmoil : deconstructing the anguish in Percy, Walker, Feliciana and Ernest Gaines, Pointe, Coupee Slattery, Patrick CURRICULUM INQUIRY 1994, Vol 24, Iss 4, pp 437-461 SLATTERY P; DAIGLE K
Curriculum development in the postmodern era. Piirto, Jane GIFTED CHILD QUARTERLY 1998, Vol 42, Iss 2, pp 130-133
Dark Ages and Little Ice Ages: Millennial Scale Climate Change and Human History Brush, Nigel Essay in: MY FATHER'S WORLD: CELEBRATING THE LIFE OF REUBEN G. BULLARD Wineland, John D.; Ziese, Mark; Estep, James Riley
Dealing with difficult parents (and with parents in difficult situations) Fiore, Douglas J. Todd Whitaker
Decision of union workers to participate in employee involvement: an application of the theory of planned behavior Fraas, John EMPLOYEE RELATIONS 2005, Vol 27, Iss 5, pp 511-531 Dawkins, C; Fraas J
Deeper, wider, broader: the pyramid of talent development in the context of the giftedness construct Piirto, Jane EDUCATIONAL FORUM 1995, Vol 59, Iss 4 pp 363-371
Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe Schramm, Peter STATECRAFT AND POWER : ESSAYS IN HONOR OF HAROLD W. ROOD 1994, pp 113-138 Schramm P; Tucker ED
Democracy's place Sikkenga, Jeffrey JOURNAL OF POLITICS 1998, Vol 60, Iss 1, pp 274-276
Depth psychology and giftedness: bringing soul to the field of talent development and giftedness Piirto, Jane ROEPER REVIEW 2005, Vol 27, Iss 3, p164-171 Reynolds FC; Piirto J