Importing Articles to Blackboard


Most licensing agreements with library database providers permit linking full-text articles and e-books to online syllabi or course management systems like Blackboard. You must link to persistent URLs, not to the URL in the address bar of the browser when viewing the full text.

Persistent URLs (also called PURLs, stable URLs, document URLs, permalinks, persistent links, or durable links) are Internet addresses that remain constant. Because most of our subscription databases are not freely available on the Web, proper linking using persistent URLs protects the database provider's copyright.

If you find a persistent URL in a database record (usually the abstract) you may assume that you have permission to use the link in Blackboard  or your online syllabus. Cut and paste the persistent URL from the library database into your Blackboard work form or document.



For full-text links to work from off-campus locations, the Ashland University proxy server address MUST be added as a prefix to the persistent URL. Our proxy server address is:

Therefore, imagine that the persistent URL provided by the database is:

You then simply add the proxy server address to the beginning of the persistent URL. The result looks like this:



We can help you add persistent links to database resources in Blackboard. Ask a Reference & Instruction Librarian (x5402) or the IRC Curriculum Librarian (x5406) for assistance.