November 14, 2013 - 9:31am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Datatel Scholars Foundation Scholarship-For any student attending, or planning to attend, a Datatel client college or university, or working at a Datatel non-education client site and enrolled in any college or university. Angelfire Scholarship-For any student who is a Vietnam Veteran, spouse or child of Vietnam Veteran, or refugee from Cambodia, Laos, or Vietnam during the 1964-1975 time frame. Proof of Record of Service (Form DD214 or its equivalent) or entry documents (such as an I-94, original Arrival/Departure documents with port-of-entry stamp, travel documents with VISA imprints, or Permanent Residency (Green Card) identification) are required. Returning Student Scholarship-For any student returning to school after a five-year absence. Nancy Goodhue-Lynch Scholarship-For any student enrolled in a technology-related curriculum program. The application to apply for these scholarships may be obtained in the Financial Aid Office and must be postmarked no later than February 1st. For further information please contact Datatel at 1-800-486-4332 or Becky Shinaberry in the Financial Aid Office.