2015-16 OLAC (Ohio Leadership Advisory Council) Modules/Units

OLAC & Ashland University PDS Columbus Center

To being your OLAC module please select a class from the list below.  

Class #             Title                                                               __      _____ Credit Hours

6170 U1            Collaborative School Improvement Processes Unit 1                     1

6170 V1             Collaborative School Improvement Processes Unit 2                      1

6170 W1            Collaborative School Improvement Processes Unit 3                      1

6170 X1            Working in Teacher-Based Teams Unit 1                                             1

6170 Y1           Working in Teacher-Based Teams Unit 2                                            1

6170 Z1            Working in Teacher-Based Teams Unit 3                                          1

6170 A2            Differentiating Instruction Unit 1                                                         1

6170 B2            Differentiating Instruction Unit 2                                                       1

6170 C2            Differentiating Instruction Unit 3                                                        1

Design your own class!  Choose any two of the 19 individual modules for one semester hour of credit.

6170 D2          OLAC Individual Study                    

Requirements for Credit - Due on or before August 20, 2016.

Participants will be required to complete the content (readings and video) for each unit or two individual modules.  You must also complete all discussion questions and activities.


Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades will be assigned by Kimerly Fausnaugh, Adjunct Instructor, and Certified OLAC Facilitator 7-10 days after submission.  You will be notified by Kimberly when she has posted your grade. 


Your transcript would be available 24-48 hours later.  When requesting a transcript, please include the class number and indicate that you would like your transcript sent after the grade for that class has been posted to be sure it is on there.

 E-mail or mail your assignments to:

Kimberly Fausnaugh, Adjunct

580 Wilmar Dr.,

Circleville, OH  43113

Phone: 740-601-6211

Email Kimberly Fausnaugh at kjr3@frontier.com


Graduate Credit Cost:

The cost for one semester hour of graduate credit is $175. Payment will be accepted online via credit card (there is a 2.7% service charge for cards), by mail or calling 614.794.4850 or 877.557.9497.  Make checks payable to Ashland University. To register, please go to https://www.ashland.edu/founders/course-search/online?field_course_topic_value=All&field_course_sponsor_tid=171


For more information about registering for Ashland credit, contact Wendi Bigelow, PDS Administrative Assistant at wbigelow@ashland.edu or (614) 794-4850.

For more information about the OLAC modules or the requirements for credit, contact Kimberly Fausnaugh at kjr3@frontier.com or at 740-601-6211.