Core Requirements

Once students enroll at Ashland University, all remaining AU Core requirements must be fulfilled by approved AU courses or by courses at other institutions which are judged appropriate to fit one of the categories of the AU core.  Students must fill out a transient student form in advance of taking the course for an evaluation of the proposed transfer course credit.

Communications Natural Sciences
Composition I Social Sciences
Composition II Historical Reasoning
Math/Logic For Catalogs 2015 and earlier:
Religion Global Passport Strategies (GPS)
Aesthetics For Catalogs 2016 and later:
Humanities Cross-Cultural Inquiry (CCI)


COM 101 Human Communication
COM 120 Health Communication

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Composition I:

ENG 101 English Composition I

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Composition II:

ENG 102 English Composition II

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CS 101 Logic and Computing
MATH 110 Finite Mathematics
MATH 201 Calculus w. Appl. to Mgmt, Life, and Soc. Sci.
MATH 205 The Calculus I
MATH 208 Elementary Statistics
MATH 217 Theory of Arithmetic and Geometry
MATH 223 Discrete Mathematics I
PHIL 205 Discourse & Inquiry: an Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 220 Practical Thinking
PHIL 320 Symbolic Logic

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PHIL 217 Thought and Belief
REL 106 Exploring the Bible
REL 107 Exploring World Religions
REL 109 Exploring Christian Ethics
REL 110 Exploring Christian Hist. in Global Context
REL 210 The Gospels

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ART 130 Elements of Design
ART 140 Fundamentals of Drawing
ART 150 Art and Ideas
ART 160 Fundamentals of Studio Art (not open to art majors)
ART 160A Ceramics
ART 160B Painting
ART 160C Printmaking
ART 160D Sculpture
COM 314/TH 307 Advanced Performance Studies
COM/EDCI 315 International Storytelling
COM/TH 105 Performance Studies
ENG 332 Global Film
ENG 371 Literature & Film
MUSIC 010-015, 020, 022, 030, 031, 050-052 (Up to 3 hrs. combine for Core Aesthetics Requirement)
MUSIC 120s, 140s, 240s, 330s, 340s, 440s, 450s (Up to 3 hrs. combine for Core Aesthetics Requirement)
MUSIC 130 Basic Guitar Musicianship
MUSIC 150 Principles of Music Making
MUSIC 225 Musical Style
MUSIC 251 Love Songs
MUSIC 252 Music/Drama Across Cultures
TH 203 Theatre Aesthetics
TH 207 The Visual Art of Theatre
TH 208 Vocal Expression of Literature
TH 214 Acting for Non-Majors
TH 303 American Musical Theatre

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CHEM/GEOL/PHYS/PHIL 350 Science-Cult. Force
ENG 203 American Literature
ENG 210 Bible as Literature
ENG 217 British Literature
ENG 304 Short Story
ENG 308 The Poem
ENG 309 African American Literature
ENG 314 Women's Literature (was ENG 214)
ENG 315 German Literature in Translation
ENG 317 Studies in Shakespeare
ENG 319 Modern Drama
ENG 322 Modern Poetry
ENG 324 Modern Novel
ENG 330 African Literature
ENG 333 American Studies - 19th Century
ENG 334 American Studies - 20th Century
ENG 337 Major Works (was ENG 237)
ENG 338 Themes and Topics in Literature
ENG 340 Readings in Jewish Literature
ENG 350 Contemporary American Studies
ENG 360 Literature of Crime & Retribution
ENG 365 Greek Literature
ENG 370 Russian Novel
ENG 372 Nietzsche and the Problem of Values
ENG 3SGB Heidegger & the Question of Interpretation
FL 3SG Quests & Questions in Arthurian Literature, Film, & Life
FREN 353 Introduction to French Literature I
FREN 354 Introduction to French Literature II
PHIL 204 The Concept of Truth
PHIL 208 Major Thinkers in Dialogue
PHIL 210 Philosophy of Human Nature
PHIL 215 Ethics
PHIL 280A Sports and Ethics
PHIL 280B Environmental Ethics
PHIL 280D Medical Ethics
PHIL 280H Workplace Ethics
PHIL 309 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 317 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 330 Philosophical Readings
PHIL 450 Great Philosophers
REL 220 Taking Human Life
REL 240 Jewish Religious Traditions
REL 250 Understanding Islam in Today‘s World
REL 340 Religion & the Civil Rights Movement in America
REL 3SGI Legacy of Paul and Peter in Rome
REL 3SGL Luther and the German Reformation
SPAN 372 Survey of Spanish Literature
SPAN 373 Survey of Latin American Literature
TH 204 Script Analysis

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Natural Sciences:

BIO 100 Human Biology
BIO 107 Plants and Civilization
BIO 110 Ecology & the Human Environment
BIO 111 Wetlands & Waterways
BIO 129 Drugs, Poisons, & Pollutants
BIO 1SGC Biology of the Microbes
BIO 201 Molecular & Cellular Basis of Life
BIO 202 Organisms, Adaptation & Diversity
BIO 2SGI Cells-The Basis of Life
CHEM 103 General Chemistry
CHEM 104 General Chemistry
CHEM 250 Lead & Civilization
CHEM 251 Molecular Architecture
CHEM 252 Chemistry of Crime Scene Investigation
CHEM 253 Chemical Perspectives on Life
CHEM 2SGC Energy, Matter, and Change
CHEM/GEOL/PHYS/PHIL 350 Science as a Cultural Force
CS 245 Robotics and Machine Learning
CS 2SGB Modeling, Simulation and Scientific Thinking
GEOL 210 Natural Disasters
GEOL 211 Discovering the Ice Age
GEOL 212 Archaeology & Human Antiquity
GEOL 213 Asteroids, Comets & Catastrophism
PHYS 107 The Hidden Life of the Stars
PHYS 2SGC The Science of Sound
PHYS 320 Origins of the Universe

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Social Sciences:

DIET 213 Society‘s Influence on Body Weight/Loss
ECON 101 Market Fundamentals
ECON 301 Game Theory
ECON 302 Economics/History of Entrepreneurship
ECON 324 Economics of Government and Business
ECON 331 Comparative Cultural Economic Studies
EDIS 245 International Perspective on Disability
FCS 340 Marriage and Family Relationships
FREN 302 French Civilization: Revolution to Present
HSCH 201 Impact of Chronic Illness
HSCH 202 Global Challenges in Public Health
JDM 405 Global Impact of Social Media
MUSIC 226 Music in World Cultures
POLSC 101 Understanding Politics
POLSC 345 Western Political Thought III
POLSC 431 Human Being and Citizen
PSYC 101 General Psychology I
PSYC 102 General Psychology II
PSYC 218 Psychology of Adolescence
SOC 111 Principles of Sociology
SOC 301 Race Ethnic, and Minority Issues
SOCWK 230 Global Human Rights and Social Justice
SOCWK 235 Hoboes and Homelessness
SOCWK 305 Family Violence
SOCWK 330 International Perspectives on Women
SPAN 311 Civilization of Spain
SPAN 312 Civilization of Latin America

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Historical Reasoning:

ECON 434 Development of Economic Thought
FREN 301 French Civilization: Medieval to Enlightenment
HIST 112 Western Civilization
HIST 113 Western Civilization
HIST 212 American History through Civil War
HIST 213 American History after Civil War
MUSIC 380 Music History Seminar I
REL 230 History of Early Christianity
REL 231 History of Medieval & Reform. Christianity
REL 232 History of Modern European Christianity
REL 233 History of Religions in America

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Global Passport Strategies (GPS):

The overall goal of the GPS Initiative is to internationalize our curriculum so as to better prepare students to face conditions of globalization that will greet them upon graduation. The three general paths by which a student can meet this requirement are through language study, travel options or specially designed coursework.

Click here to view the different Global Passport Strategies (GPS) tracks. 

GPS Language:

FREN 151 Elementary French I
FREN 152 Elementary French II
FREN 251 Intermediate French I
FREN 252 Intermediate French II
LTN 110 Elementary Latin I
LTN 210 Elementary Latin II
LTN 310 Intermediate Latin
PORT 141 Elementary Portuguese I
PORT 142 Elementary Portuguese II
PORT 241 Intermediate Portuguese I
PORT 242 Intermediate Portuguese II
SPAN 171 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 172 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 200 Intermediate Level Intensive Spanish with Study in Costa Rica
SPAN 271 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 272 Intermediate Spanish II

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GPS Study-Away and Study Abroad

AHA, Segovia, Spain
American, Quebec City, Canada
CCIS, Aix-en-Provence, France
CCIS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
CCIS, Chambery, France
CCIS, Chicoutimi, Canada
CCIS, Florence, Italy
CCIS, London, England
CCIS, Rome, Italy
CCISA, Seville, Spain
CIS, Barcelona, Spain
COBE in Taiwan
EDEC 460 Sa: Student Internship: Early Childhood through COST (Consortium of Overseas Student Teaching)
ENG 330 African Literature (Sa) Study Tour in Cape Town
Food and Culture of Ireland program
FUBis, Berlin, Germany
Honors Grecian-Turkish Odyssey proposal
Paris Fashion Institute Study Away program in France
USAC, Alicante, Spain

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GPS Border Crossing:

BIO 107 Plants and Civilization
BIO 348 Emerging Pathogens
BIO/EVS/GEOL 476 Issues in Environmental Science
COM/EDCI 315 International Storytelling
ECON 342 Global Economics
EDIS 245 International Perspectives of Disability
ENG 315 German Literature in Translation
ENG 330 African Literature
ENG 332 Global Film
FCS 211 Clothing and Culture
FCS 221 Food and Culture
FIN 429 Global Finance
FL 220 Latin American Identities in Translation
FREN 252 Intermediate French II
HIST 327 Africa
HIST 343 Modern East Asia
HSCH 202 Global Challenges in Public Health
LTN 310 Intermediate Latin
MGT 480 Global Management
MKT 310 International Business Culture
MUSIC 226 Music in World Cultures
MUSIC 252 Music and Drama Across Cultures
MUSIC 381 Music History Seminar II
POLSC 205 Comparative Politics
PORT 242 Intermediate Portuguese II
PSYC 241 Cross-Cultural Psychology
REL 107 Exploring World Religions
REL 250 Understanding Islam in Today's World
SM 370 International Tourism
SOCWK 230 Global Human Rights and Social Justice
SOCWK 330 International Perspectives on Women
SPAN 272 Intermediate Spanish II

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GPS Requirement for International Students

An international student with an F or J visa may meet the requirement upon the satisfactory completion of a GPS Narrative. Students who are naturalized citizens, permanent residents or on other visas (i.e., H,L, Asylee, Refugee) may petition the International Student Services office to meet the requirement upon the satisfactory completion of a GPS Narrative.

For more information regarding the GPS Requirement for International Students please contact Mary Ball at or 419.289.5945.

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