Get Started

1. To get started in a Distance Learning course, you must first be admitted as a transient or degree-seeking student.

2. Register for Distance Learning courses

You register the same way you would register for an on-campus course.

3. Once you have registered for a Distance Learning course:

Educational materials such as textbooks, course packets and other supplies may be purchased from the Ashland University Bookstore on the main campus. Columbus Center students may purchase their materials from the Ashland University Bookstore in the Columbus Center. For a nominal fee, materials may be mailed directly to your home or business. You may submit your book order by fax to 419.289.5925, by phone to 419.289.5336 or online to our website at Textbooks information is made available on the website approximately two weeks before the start of the term.

Books and materials for Seminary courses may be ordered from the Seminary Bookstore by phone at 419.289.5861, by fax at 419.289.5969, or online at

Contact the college in which you will be taking your online courses from to receive additional course related material, syllabus and websites. Contact information can be found here.


"Ashland University's MBA Distance Learning Classes allowed me the structure I needed to learn and provided relevant content. The format gave me the flexibility when to do the learning and the Faculty gave me the support to maximize the opportunity. The Distance Learning Classes allowed me to graduate within my time frame." - Michael Wiltrout, 2007