Strategic Theme Teams

The strategic plan for 2020-2025 is titled Rich History, Bold Future - Ashland 2025.  Four themes support our strategic plan: Transformational Experiences, Strategic Growth, Empowered Community, and Agile Future.

An open invitation was extended to the campus community to join one of the theme teams. Based on the responses, the four theme teams have been formed to begin the challenging and exciting work to develop the primary objectives for each theme. With the goal of completing a draft strategic plan by late April 2020, each team will meet four to five times in the next several months. We will share what the teams come up with and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Should you have ideas, questions, or comments regarding a theme, you can contact the theme co-chairs directly.

Transformational Experiences - Chairs: Amiel Jarstfer & Larry Bunce

Amiel Jarstfer


Larry Bunce

Director of Institutional Advancement

Megan Sherar

Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies

Oscar McKnight

Associate Dean of Students

Shawn Orr


Randy Spade

Director of Veteran Services

Terri Link

Director of Diversity

Elizabeth Freund

Director of Academic Support

Jacki Owens


Stephanie Bull

Proposal Writer

Stephanie Ross

Associate Registrar

Jamie Jarvis

Associate Director of Financial Aid

Rebecca Parillo

Director of Study Abroad

Sandra Natole

Career Service Specialist

Carrie Halquist

Reference and Instruction Librarian

Dan Fox


Judee Mulhollen

Inaugural Director of Student Retention & Completion

Pidge Bannin

Associate Director of LearnAU

James Hayes

Director of IT Academic Technology

Strategic Growth - Chairs: Marc Pasteris & Catherine Williams

Marc Pasteris

VP Finance

Catherine Williams

Interim VP Enrollment

Mark Britton


Jim Cox

Business Manager, COAS

Kyle Wissel

Admissions Representative

Tami Mosser

Public Relations Coordinator

Carrie Keib

Dean of CONHS

Janet Edwards


Susan Homan

Senior Admissions Representative

Kelly Liocano

Sr. Associate Director of Financial Aid

Nicholas Johnson


Karen Groth

Director of Assessment & Accreditation

Krystal Reynolds

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Kelly Kossick


Lenroy Jones

Executive Director of Career Development

Don Tharp

Chief Information Technology Officer

Engaged Community - Chairs: Rob Pool & Josh Hughes

Rob Pool

VP Student Affairs

Josh Hughes

Director of HR

Jeff Alix

Director of Alumni

Janessa Kipp

Training & Development Specialist

Tirza Young

Student Accounts Representative

Diane Bonfiglio

Faculty Senate President, Faculty: Psychology

Scott Savage

Director of AU Library

Deb Sullivan

Director of Campus Wellness

Christine Hamilton

Internship Coordinator

Jacob Brown

Student Senate: Finance and Facilities Rep

Don Prezioso

Director of IT Enterprise Solutions

Nathan Simms

Student Senate: Vice President

Ruby Congrove

Student Senate: Clark Hall Rep

Tanzeah Sharpe

Faculty: Education

Sue Dixon

Faculty: Religion

Agile Future - Chairs: Margaret Pomfret & John Byron

Margaret Pomfret

VP Advancement

John Byron

Interim VP and Executive Dean of Seminary

Vickie Taylor

Outcome Assessment and Implementation for COAS

Peggy Kohler

Director of Building Services

Jane Bauer

Budget Director

Dean Goon

Dean, College if Online & Adult Studies

Jeremy Hancock

Director of Sports Medicine

Mark Nadler

Faculty, CoBE

William Payne

Faculty, Seminary

Staci Carnahan

Employer Relations Coordinator

Sharon Lowe

Director, University Grants & Foundation Relations

Lisa Young

Faculty, CoNHS

Cathy Britton

Director of Records and Advising

Randi Armstrong

Director of Technology Program Management