Martha Kanter's Quote Supporting AU's Bold Step

“We are delighted to learn that Ashland University has taken up President Obama’s Call to Action on increasing the value of higher education and cutting college costs at the same time. When I visited Ashland a year and a half ago, President Finks and Dr. Pettigrew, Ashland’s Provost, told me about the  significant work of the department chairs and faculty to rethink and redesign the curriculum. Today, Ashland students can earn a 3-year degree in no less than twenty major fields of study. As a result, Ashland University is showing our nation how to streamline the pathways to the baccalaureate degree and save students a lot of money. They are continuing to spur their creativity with plans to link their graduate programs to these undergraduate majors, further shortening the time to earn advanced degrees and helping students graduate, enter the workforce and contribute to their communities as effective, well-educated citizens! Thousands of students will benefit from Ashland’s innovative steps forward. We hope more institutions of higher  education will join Ashland University in their bold move to give students the best value at an affordable price for their investment!”

               - Martha Kanter, Under Secretary
              U.S. Department of Education