Paul Pernici, a resident of Amherst, Ohio, who is double majoring in computer science and mathematics, was accepted to present research at Posters on the Hill in Washington, D.C. This is a prestigious acceptance for both Pernici and Ashland University’s Computer Science Department as only 60 posters from across the nation were selected from more than 500 submissions.

Pernici’s research focuses on the idea of transformation within a picture that is then used to train an artificial neural network (ANN). “An ANN is a mathematical model that functions similarly to a biological brain. It contains nodes called neurons and weighted connections between them,” explained Pernici. “Each neuron takes some input, transforms it using a function, and then sends the result along to the neurons in the next layer.”

To complete the research, Pernici designed and trained a program to create an artificial neural network. This allowed him to compute FDR scores and find problems associated with that.

“Doing a research project here [AU] as an undergraduate will give me experience in the way it is done, so that I will be better prepared in going to graduate school.”