The Ashland Fund

When our students arrive on campus they bring a unique story. Our students are searching and discovering and celebrating as their lives unfold. For a few short years, Ashland University has the chance to be part of their story.

You can relate to their stress as they search for answers. You've suffered their disappointments. You've felt that moment of joy, that moment you come alive, knowing you're pursuing your life-calling.

These shared experiences naturally connect you to our current students. This is your opportunity to encourage our students to overcome their challenges. This is your chance to inspire them to know success.

A monetary gift to the Ashland Fund is a personal investment in our students. Your financial partnership with the Ashland Fund means that students who need your support will receive it.

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Amanda Florio Middis
Director of Annual Giving

Taylor Kochheiser
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

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