Eagle Calling

Get to know this year's Eagle Callers.

Each caller applied to this position for a different reason, to build a resume, to pay tuition, to work with a friend.  Regardless of their intention, every caller trained for a goal oriented and performance based position. Each developed valuable communication skills. And deepened their connection with the university.

When these students call you, they will be eager to establish a connection with you! The caller will learn the most from a genuine conversation with you. They have been trained to update contact information and ask for a financial gift. The caller gains the most real-world experience through this part of the conversation.

A monetary gift to the Ashland Fund is a personal investment in all our students. Your financial partnership with the Ashland Fund means that students who need your support will receive it.

Meet our Student Callers:

Reba, Erin, Hannah

Alyssa, Elinor, Alexis

Kaley, Nicole, Jacob

Ashley, Elena, Sarah

Avery, Shamela, Jake

Callan, Grace, Sarah

Jesse, Bethany, Marissa

Make a Gift


Kyle Vaughn
Director of Annual Giving

Amanda Florio
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

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